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Updated on Sept 16, 2022

Published on Jul 6, 2022

Electronic signatures:
what advantages can they offer sales teams?

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Pauline Dubois

Pauline Dubois

Content manager @Yousign

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Human resources, insurance, real estate and finance: just some of the areas in which electronic signatures are particularly useful!
But did you know that this incredible digital tool can also be a must-have for your sales team?

Electronic signatures are speeding up the sales cycle

The key advantage of an eSignature solution for a sales team?
It speeds up the “sales cycle”.

 Getting quotes, contracts, confidentiality agreements and intermediate documents signed directly in electronic form reduces waiting time between the various stages of the cycle.

The result: the entire process is faster and more streamlined.

Reminder: a summary of the 7 stages of the sales cycle by our partner, Appvizer

1- commercial prospecting and initial contact

2- qualification of prospects

3- identification of needs

4- presentation of the offer

5- handling objections

6- closing the sale

7- customer follow-up and retention

👉 Electronic signatures also provide an assurance of better communication with stakeholders at all stages of negotiation, meaning that sales are completed faster.

Electronic signatures speed up the sales process

In a typical sales scenario, a member of sales staff receives an agreement from a potential customer, prepares – or requests the preparation of – the contract, then sends it for signature, thus losing control over the process.

With the electronic signature solution devised by Yousign, however, the sales team retain control over the contract signature stage, and thus over the completion of the sale.


  • makes it possible to track the process in real time, 
  • offers an enhanced insight into stakeholders in the approval process,
  • streamlines the tasks required of the signatory of the agreement.

Because the time between the customer’s expression of interest and the closure of the sale is considerably reduced, transparency is increased, communication is improved… and the chances of conversion are increased. 💪

Electronic signatures increase the productivity of sales teams

The advantages of electronic signatures go far beyond just reducing the sales cycle and increasing the chances of signing the contract.

This technology is also of benefit to sales teams because of its ability to increase productivity and seller satisfaction. The introduction of solutions to simplify processes – such as the electronic signature system offered by Yousign – makes everyday life easier for all employees, whether sales staff or administrative agents.

These tools ultimately offer better control over the production and editing of documents and contracts, avoiding laborious version updates and duplicates:

  • they also deliver more orderly management of the sale closing process, thanks to a notification system and a mechanism that digitises every step;
  • lastly, they enable sales staff to free themselves from low added-value tasks and focus on what really matters: the relationship with the customer.🤝

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