Qualified Electronic Signature

Choose an easy and intuitive Qualified Electronic SignatureSay goodbye to complexity. Our facial recognition with AI verification, 100% remote and asynchronous, identifies your signatories in less than 15 minutes. With the digital portfolio, identities can be recorded and reused for even more simplicity.

Available via APP and API.

Qualified Electronic Signature Qualified Electronic Signature Qualified Electronic Signature

Your most important documents easily signed

With Yousign's Qualified Electronic Signature (QES), your signatories can easily sign legally binding documents. Before signing, they are reliably identified through a fast and 100% remote AI-based identification process.

  • esignature simple

    Electronic Signature



    The simplest way to sign all your daily contracts - With or without OTP-based authentication

    Signature for your documents without legal requirements and with minimal financial or liability risks.

  • esignature advanced

    Electronic Signature



    Enhanced security with signer identity verification. Level close to RGS*.

    Signature for your sensitive documents with moderate financial or liability risks.

  • esignature qualified

    Electronic Signature



    Maximum security with facial verification in addition to signer identity. Close to RGS** and RGS*** standards.

    Signature for your documents with legal requirements and high liability risk.

Why choose Yousign's QES?

  • Simplicity & Speed

    Simplicity & Speed

    Get critical documents signed in record time. No more delays and tedious processes. Your signatories' identities are verified in less than 15 minutes, thanks to our 100% remote and asynchronous video identity verification process.

    The added bonus? : Once validated, your signatories can save their identity to reuse it for future qualified signatures.

    A seamless solution for your signatories

    Increase your signature success rate by offering a smooth and simple solution to your signatories. With our intuitive platform, everyone can effortlessly sign documents, whether they are experienced or beginners in this process.

    QES simple and fast
  • Security & Compliance

    Reduce risks associated with signing important documents

    The QES reverses the burden of proof: your signatures are presumed valid until proven otherwise.

    Stay compliant without losing efficiency.

    Like all our solutions, Yousign's QES is recognized throughout the European Union and complies with the eIDAS regulation. It ensures the validity and integrity of your signatures.

    Certified video identification

    The identity of your signatories is verified through AI-powered facial recognition and by human agents, 100% remote, asynchronously, and fully autonomous.

    Qualified electronic signature, compliant and secure
  • European Solution & Support

    A European solution to address growing security challenges.

    Established in France in 2013, Yousign meets the highest French and European regulatory standards to support European businesses in their daily operations.

    A team of experts available and responsive

    Our team supports you every day and enables you to deploy your projects quickly and smoothly.

    European qualified electronic signature

Our team guides you towards a simplified Qualified Electronic Signature

Get your documents signed remotely
with a simple, smooth, and fast solution

With Yousign, your signatories are independent, and your documents are signed in no time!

  • Video verification of identity document

    Signatories are fully autonomous in the process of verifying their identity document. Once they have selected the identity document, it is automatically verified via video.

    QES : Video verification of identity document
  • Facial verification via video

    Signatories record their face to automatically verify their identity.

    QES : facial verification via video
  • Slide to sign

    Once their identification is validated, signatories slide to sign. The identity verification process takes a maximum of 15 minutes!

    QES : slide to sign
    Advantages of the Yousign qualified electronic signature
  • Do you have recurring signatories?
    Save them time with our digital identity solution.

    Once their identification is validated, signatories can save their identity and reuse it for future qualified electronic signatures.

    Yousign digital identity solution

"The biggest advantage is the time savings. We save about three hours per contract. With ten contracts per month, that's approximately 30 hours saved."

Customer testimonial on Yousign's qualified electronic signature

Stephen Roth

CEO, IV Roth

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a qualified signature?

    The qualified electronic signature is the third and highest level of electronic signature as defined by the European eIDAS regulation. The 3 levels of electronic signatures are: simple electronic signature, advanced electronic signature, and qualified electronic signature.

  • Which documents to sign with the qualified electronic signature?

    In the case of an electronic signature, the following documents require the qualified electronic signature:
    - Remote notarial authentic acts
    - Responses to public tender offers
    - Business modification and cessation of activity files
    - Documents related to identification, identity verification, and customer knowledge (KYC Document)
    The QES can also be used to secure documents with a high risk of liability.

  • How to make a qualified electronic signature?

    You can create a qualified electronic signature (QES) with eIDAS qualified electronic signature providers certified by ETSI to maximize the legal validity of your electronic signatures. To sign a document with a QES, you will first need to identify yourself, meaning you must have your identity validated.

  • In what cases to use the qualified electronic signature?

    The qualified electronic signature is required for documents subject to legal requirements and with a high liability risk. If a handwritten signature or a signature compliant with RGS, level ** and *** is required, you can sign the document with the QES, unless the law provides otherwise.

You want to learn more about QES?

Contact our team, we will be happy to explain all the details of the Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) with Yousign and see how it can address your challenges.

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