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The Advanced Electronic Signature (AES) strengthens the legal scope of your signatures in case of litigation, in compliance with the eIDAS regulation.

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The eSignature standard for your sensitive documents

With the AES, add a security level to your signatures to meet legal requirements and secure your documents with high financial or legal risks.

  • 1

    ID Verification

    Once uploaded, the signer's ID is instantly verified. An additional manual check, if needed, ensures the identification is completed quickly.

  • 2

    OTP Authentication

    Signers confirm their identity in one click with an OTP code, ensuring a double identity check on each signer.

  • 3

    Signature & traceability

    Signers simply need to read the document and swipe to sign. You can then download the documents and the signature audit trail.

Secure your documents with the Advanced Electronic Signature:

  • Sales agreements

  • Employment contracts

  • Exclusivity agreements

  • Insurance contracts

  • ...

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    Accelerate your signatures - Send them in a few clicks, whatever the signature level you select.

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  • Verify signers' ID instantly

    Sign your documents within the hour and automatically verify signers' identity, regardless of their nationality and ID.

    ID verification
  • Track signatures in real-time

    Follow the progress of your signature requests in real-time. You are notified at every stage.

    Real-time tracking

"We chose Yousign on the advice of one of our partners, for the flexibility and security that their advanced electronic signatures can bring to a business like ours."

Ettore Decio

Ettore Decio

Co-founder and CTO, Workinvoice

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