Confidentiality agreements and the electronic signature

If there is one area where electronic signatures are particularly suitable, it is confidentiality agreements! Human resources departments―who are meticulous about this sensitive subject―can seriously benefit from this tool which ensures optimal security.

Sign confidentiality agreements online with Yousign's electronic signature solutions

Electronic signature of a confidentiality agreement

Is it possible to sign a confidentiality agreement with the electronic signature?

As an HR manager, you often insert confidentiality clauses in draft employment or temporary collaboration contracts, prohibiting disclosure of commercial, legal, fiscal or financial information related to the company. But what about the information exchanged during the job interview? That too must be kept secret...

Signing a confidentiality agreement, before the face-to-face or telephone meeting, is the best way to secure these exchanges.

In this instance, time is paramount. Once you have set up an interview with a potential executive is set up, a confidentiality agreement regarding the terms of the upcoming discussion can be sent and signed immediately, thanks to the electronic signature. Candidates are sometimes located in another region or even in another country: the aim is to ensure that the exchanges remain secret. The electronic signature is the perfect answer...

The legal value of such an operation is recognised, and far superior to a simple letter that has been signed, scanned and sent back by email! The electronic signature is a process monitored and certified at European level. Companies approved to provide electronic signature solutions are responsible for authenticating the signatories and the signature process, and subsequently keeping an evidentiary signature file in an electronic safe for 10 years. In other words, maximum security...

Guarantee the security and confidentiality of your information

Secures your exchanges

Secures your exchanges

Benefit from a secure solution by encrypting documents exchanged with your contacts.

Simplifies your recruitment processes

Simplifies your recruitment processes

Quickly and easily sign your confidentiality agreements face-to-face or remotely, from any device.

Protects your commitments

Protects your commitments

Keep the document in digital format and electronically archive the proof of signature in a digital safe.


The online signature of the confidentiality agreement with Yousign

  • Strong authentication of signatories

    Benefit from a variety of secure authentication systems that guarantee the identity of your signatories

  • Consent protocol

    Reinforce the proof of agreement by adding boxes to be ticked and texts to be copied by the signatories

  • Time-stamped evidence file

    Store your signatures in a time-stamped evidence file archived for 10 years at CDC Arkhineo

  • Legal signatures in Europe

    Benefit from certified electronic signature solutions that are legally valid throughout the European Union

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