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Take signature
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Validate, sign and store all your documents online and deliver the best signing experience to your teams, partners and customers.

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    Save time on every signature

    Automate your signature processing with an easy-to-use application and/or an API adapted to your needs.

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    Secure the confidentiality of your data and the validity of your signatures

    Our solutions are eIDAS compliant, reliable and secure.

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    Connect your teams for better collaboration

    Lead your projects to success, face to face or remotely.

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    Improve customer satisfaction

    Provide a smooth, simple and qualitative signing experience to all your users

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    Take efficiency to the next level

    Manage all your signatures from a single point by integrating them directly into your tools

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    Accelerate your growth

    Multiply the number of business opportunities managed by your teams with complete serenity, and strengthen your customers' commitment to your solutions.

Commit with confidence

Security is our #1 priority.
Ensure secure, legally binding and eIDAS-compliant agreements across the EU.

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Flexible eSignature solutions for your business

  • clic

    An easy-to-use
    SaaS application

    Sign all your documents in just a few clicks and bring your team to work better together.

    From €9 per user/month

  • lego

    A simple, flexible
    and powerful API

    Build the best experience integrating a complete eSignature suite to your tools or ship it in your app.

    From €75 per month

Sign all your documents
with the appropriate signature level

Discover our signature levels, their legal value and their use, to select the level adapted to each document to be signed.

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  • esignature simple

    Electronic Signature



    OTP Authentication (optional)

    Online signatures for your daily work

  • esignature advanced

    Electronic Signature



    Instant ID Verification

    Secure signatures for your sensitive documents

  • esignature qualified

    Electronic Signature



    Video ID verification

    The legal equivalent of a handwritten signature

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