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Digital signature certificate

How digital signature certificates work

In terms of eSignatures, European regulation is the most stringent. Third-party providers must comply with norms and obtain a digital signature certificate to offer their service.
Certified providers are subject to frequent audits by independent experts selected by the European Commission.
Selecting a certified provider is imperative to ensure that your signatures will be legally binding and that your agreements and data will be stored securely.

Yousign’s eSignature certificates

Certification Authority

As Certification Authority (CA), Yousign is entitled to deliver eSignatures through the digital signature certificates that it holds. Any eSignature completed through our service will be recognized at the national and EU level.

eIDAS digital certificate

The eIDAS norms were implemented across the EU in July 2016. The set of regulations specified by eIDAS enshrine in law the recognition and legal requirements of eSignatures within the EU. Yousign holds eIDAS compliance certificates for electronic signature services, electronic seals and qualified time stamps.

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Responsible third party

We protect our users and our customers: your data is encrypted and hosted on secure servers in the EU. Yousign holds digital signature certificates and is recognized by the EU commission as a trusted provider of eSignature services.


As a Certification Authority (CA), Yousign is accountable to expose technical documents to independent security experts.

These documents can be viewed by following these links:

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