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The first step in any sale is the quote. The quicker it can be signed, the more likely it is that the contract will come to fruition. The possibility of using the electronic signature is therefore particularly interesting for companies' sales and procurement teams.

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Can quotes be signed electronically?

It's pretty traditional: as informed consumers, buyers systematically have several quotes drawn up. This is the very meaning of an estimate. If, sometimes, the choice is made without hesitation on one of them based on the best value for money, other times the customer may hesitate between two similar quotes. The opportunity to be able to sign one of them as quickly as possible can then make the difference.

This is why being able to clearly indicate to your customers this possibility of signing electronically to shorten the time required to deliver the product or service is a serious competitive advantage, which guarantees a high level of reactivity.

This dematerialised process not only complies with European regulations but also offers the added advantage of avoiding the loss of time associated with appointments and the numerous trips required, even though the signature of the quotes can be done remotely.

It’s the same in the context of online services: the electronic signature avoids the cumbersome process of sending the "paper" estimate to customers, who must then return it signed.

The electronic signature is therefore a real asset for sales and procurement departments, which can ensure that such an operation is legally valid and therefore protects all parties, provided they use a company certified by the public authorities such as Yousign.

Accelerate sales processes with digital signatures

Boost your efficiency

Boost your efficiency

Reduce the time spent on time-consuming tasks so that you can concentrate on the essential stages of the buying and selling cycle.

Optimises sales flows

Optimises sales flows

Create automated order management and validation workflows and send information back to all parties involved in the transactions.

Improves order tracking

Improves order tracking

Retrieve reliable information in record time to limit order losses and errors.


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