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How to electronically sign a pdf

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PDF document electronic signature

A ubiquitous file type

PDFs are used all over the world to share information faster and easier. Its main advantages are:

  • It keeps formatting. Fonts, images, and layout stay consistent with the original regardless of where and how the pdf is accessed.

  • It’s compatible with eSignature protection layers. eSignatures added to a PDF file are therefore traceable and legally-binding.

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Used and recognised worldwide

Over 2,5 trillion PDF files have already been exchanged across the world. Your tools already allow you to work with and share PDF files. Now, with Yousign, you can sign them electronically.

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Reinvent your PDFs

eSignatures let you simplify your signature process and reduce closing times. Streamline your agreements process by signing your PDF documents online and quit the paper habit!

  • Easy to use

    Signing parties receive, approve, and sign your PDF documents online.

  • Secure your documents

    Documents are sealed and protected throughout the signature process.

  • Safeguard your agreements

    Our eSignature solution is eIDAS-certified and lets you obtain legally-binding signatures on your PDFs.

How to create an e-signature for PDF ?

The e-signature for the most widely used format in the world.

The PDF format is the most widely used format in the world.  It is considered secure, because unlike Word documents, it is unalterable. It is therefore difficult to attach an electronic signature to a PDF without first printing it. Thanks to Yousign, it is possible and it is child's play:


How to create a PDF electronic signature when you are a signatory?

You have received an e-mail asking you to put a PDF electronic signature? Here's how to proceed!

See the documents that need a signature

Click on "see the documents" in the email you received from Yousign

email invite

Read the PDF before signing it electronically

Read the PDF carefully before signing it

rental contract workflow

Click on "sign"

After reading the PDF, you may sign it

click on sign

Identity validation

Confirm your wish to sign the PDF by entering the code you received on your cell phone

ID validation workflow

You've just said yes !

The PDF electronic signature procedure is complete! You can now download a copy of the signed document

final screen

How to ask someone to create an electronic signature for PDFs?

Would you like to send a PDF electronic signature request? Here is the procedure to follow:

How to ask someone to create an electronic signature for PDFs?

Would you like to send a PDF electronic signature request? Here is the procedure to follow:

  • Log in to your Yousign space

  • Upload the PDF document you want signed

  • Fill in the contact details of the signatory(ies)

  • Send the document

  • You have just created your first signature request thanks to Yousign.

Sign your PDFs online

Yousign works for your business

Our eSignature app is easy, legal, and works for all the documents that drive your business:

Partners agreements


Sign pdf contracts, proposals, and service agreements

Internal documents


Electronically sign your work contracts, NDAs, and shareholder agreements

Sign PDFs online with Yousign

Streamline your approval processes and move your agreements across the line.

  • Swipe to sign

    Sign electronically or face to face

  • Archives

    Simple archiving for all your contracts

  • Phone and computer

    Works on any device

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