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    1 - Yousign is a simpler alternative to DocuSign

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    Unlike our competitor, Yousign is a European company

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    3 - Yousign is a certified European eSignature provider

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Yousign vs DocuSign: Should You Consider a DocuSign Alternative?

First off, we’d like to tip our hats to DocuSign. Sure, they’re our competitors. But 10+ years ago, when they launched their product, they joined a revolution.
The fact that you’re looking into alternatives to DocuSign right now is proof that even a decade later, this revolution is still alive and well. In keeping with the spirit of this revolution, our team is working hard every day to create the best online signature experience.

Luc Pallavidino

And, for us, differentiating Yousign from DocuSign is a matter of values as much as it is a matter of product:

#1 we believe that simplicity is key to driving your team’s work as well as your customers’ and partners’ experience, so we designed Yousign to offer you the simplest alternative to traditional, pen-and-paper signatures.

#2 we believe in protecting your data, that’s why we develop our product and host your data in the EU - not in the US. Our product is frequently audited, and we comply with all EU directives on data privacy and secure storing of your documents.

#3 we believe it shouldn’t be your job to understand legal complexity of eSignatures. We built our solution with European regulations in mind and offer eIDAS-compliant eSignatures for each and every agreement you send through our platform.
We hope you like it here,

Luc Pallavidino, CEO @Yousign

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Top reasons why companies go with Yousign as an alternative to DocuSign

To help you understand why our customers choose Yousign vs Docusign for their eSignature app, I’ve asked our customer care team to break down the 6 key reasons why these companies choose us over our competitor:

Reason #1

The simplest eSignature app

Our mission at Yousign is to help connect businesses with their clients, companies with their employees, and move your business forward. We believe that implementing a new eSignature app shouldn’t take months. Our app is designed to make uploading, sending, and approving all the documents you need easy.

Set up Yousign in minutes by defining your workflows and your team members’ roles, and send out your contracts efficiently with secure signatures from every device.

Easy to use application

Reason #2

No hidden fees

Our pricing is transparent: the amount that you will be charged each month is clear and won’t grow exponentially from one year to the next. Our pricing is flexible: you’ll only pay for what you need. If your needs change, you can get a straightforward answer about how much it will cost to upgrade by checking our pricing page. Our pricing is designed to help get you started easily. Whether you’re a small business, a growing company, or a large enterprise: we’ve built our pricing plans to cater to your needs.

Reason #3

100% built and legal in the EU

Our team is based in the EU, and our product is built to comply with EU regulations. We’re a recognized provider of certified eSignatures in the UK and all across the EU. Agreements signed with Yousign are secure, legally binding and compliant with eIDAS norms.

Legal electronic signatures

Reason #4

Hand-picked technology partners

Our third-party providers are strictly vetted to safeguard you and your customers’ data. Most of our partners are based in the EU and comply with current privacy regulations (GDPR). Those that are based in the US are members of the Privacy Shield, a framework designed to provide companies in the US with a mechanism to comply with data protection requirements when transferring personal data from the European Union to the United States.

We value your trust: security is - and will continue to be - our top priority.

Reason #5

A superior API

Our API is built to enable your team to deliver the best online signature experience. We designed our REST API to be easy for your team to integrate to your tools or to ship into your app. We crafted our pricing so that you can test your integration in our sandbox environment without limitations and so that you can predict with ease how much you will spend each month. Oh, and did we mention: you’ll receive support from a dedicated team for our API customers, with no extra cost to you.

Reason #6

We’re here for you

Our customer care team is dedicated to helping teams get ahead. All teams: big and small, loyal users and just browsing customers. Try giving us a call or dropping a line in our website chat,  we’ll be back in touch with you faster and with better support than our competitors regardless of how big your business is and whether you’re using Yousign for the first time or the millionth time. Whenever you need, you can rely on us.

A dynamic team

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