The electronic signature of the temporary contract

Time is critical for employment agencies... especially when lost time can implicate a failed recruitment. Once the right candidate has been found, you need to act quickly for your clients, who are often pressed by an urgent need for personnel. Temping agencies… meet your new best friend: the electronic signature!

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Is it possible to sign temporary contracts with a digital signature?

If you are a manager of a temp agency, you know it all too well: the best temp candidates are in demand. When your client has a specific—and urgent —need for a specialist, it is best to sign the contract as soon as possible. Even if the candidate is never exactly "bound by hand and foot”, signing a contract will, most of the time, stop their search elsewhere for a role.
Then, it’s just a matter of counting down the days until they start their role on the scheduled date.

To have a temporary contract signed as quickly as possible, a modern, efficient, and ecological solution is available: the electronic signature. Digital signature platforms will also allow you to visualise all your contracts in the process of being signed, providing a full overview of the progress of your recruitment processes.

In a sector where reactivity, adaptability and resource organisation are the keywords for efficient management, the electronic signature guarantees control over your recruitment activity.

The digital signature of the interim contract can be completed in just a few minutes from a computer, mobile or tablet. This process must be carried out via an eIDAS-certified solution, such as Yousign. An electronic signature is not the same as simply initialling a letter that is sent back "scanned". It is a precise process controlled by governing bodies, who monitor and approve the companies authorised to provide electronic signatures.

Depending on your country's legislation, the Yousign team will be able to offer you the most suitable solution for the electronic signature of temporary contracts.

Increase reactivity with the electronic signature

Speed up recruitments

Speed up recruitments

Have temporary employees sign contracts remotely as soon as an agreement is reached, enabling them to start their assignment with your client as soon as possible.

Improve customer relations

Improve customer relations

Demonstrate your efficiency to your clients in urgent need of personnel by providing them with qualified employees in record time.

Optimise your contract management

Optimise your contract management

Send and keep track of all your contracts being signed from one application.


The e-signature of agency contracts with Yousign

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