Automate your document generation

Optimize and accelerate the generation of your repeating documents with Workflows before sending them for signature. You just need to set up your document once to have it signed over and over again.

It's time to make your documents work for you

Reap the benefits of automation on your document generation right away


time saved on each contract generated

30 min

to prepare a contract instead of an average of 2h30

  • Save time

    Spend less time on administration, and more time on doing business simply by generating your documents 5 times faster.

  • Create reliable contracts

    Eliminate the risk of manual errors. Improve compliance and peace of mind by automating your document generation.

  • Increase your teams’ efficiency

    Easily share the right information at the right time with the right person to accelerate your processes until signature.

Generate and sign your documents 5 times faster

Reuse your document templates over and over again, without having to prepare them more than once

  • NDA

  • Work contract

  • Endorsement

  • Partnership agreement

  • Lease agreement

Create, Collect, Validate

Workflows provides you the means you need to accelerate all the steps, from the generation of your document to the signature

Choose your document template

Workflows supports all document in Word format. Just upload your document in Yousign’ application.

  • Automate the filling

    Simply add {{ }} around your variable fields on your document before integrating it into the application to automate their filling.

  • Say goodbye to copy-paste

    Forms are automatically created and submitted to collect your data and fill your document instantly.

  • Eliminate errors

    Adjust your document template with peace of mind, we keep all your versions.

  • Streamline your processes

    Follow all the steps in real time, and gain both responsiveness and visibility on the entire process.

It's signed!

Workflows is fully integrated into our electronic signature application.

Add Workflows to your plan

  • one


    For self-employed workers

    1 user max.

    10 signature requests/month

  • plus


    For small teams

    Unlimited users

    Unlimited signatures

  • pro


    For bigger teams

    Unlimited users

    Unlimited signatures


For specific needs

Test Workflows for free

Our team will support you to test and use our solutions.

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