Accessibility statement

To enable all audiences to electronically sign documents with Yousign, we have committed to a process of improving the accessibility of our solution, focusing our efforts on the signing experience (electronically signing a document).

Compliance status

The signing experience offered by Yousign is partially compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2.1 level AA, due to the non-compliances and exemptions listed below.

Test results

The compliance audit conducted by Temesis reveals that:

  • 91 % of the WCAG version 2.1 A and AA criteria are met
  • 30 criteria are compliant
  • 3 criteria are non-compliant
  • 17 criteria are not applicable

Non-accessible content


  • User-generated content (e.g., a PDF to be signed written in French or a "read and approved" mention) is not translated even if the user changes the interface language.

Exemptions due to disproportionate burden

  • When a user places a radio button in a PDF document to be signed, they position it next to the corresponding text in the PDF. From an accessibility standpoint, this generates a non-compliance because the radio button component is not technically associated with the text.
  • More generally, signed PDFs present numerous non-compliances due to the addition of inaccessible visual elements.

Establishment of this accessibility statement

This statement was established on June 9, 2023.

Technologies used for the development of Yousign's web signing journey

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • SVG

Test Environment and tools used

The content rendering checks were carried out based on the combination provided by the RGAA reference base, with the following versions:

  • NVDA 2020.4, Firefox 82
  • Jaws 19, Firefox 82
  • VoiceOver, Safari, OS X 10.15.7

Tools to assess accessibility

  • WCAG contrast checker
  • HeadingsMap
  • Web developer
  • ARC Toolkit

Site pages subject to compliance verification

  • Home document to sign
  • Document reader
  • Identification
  • Signature
  • End of signature
  • Approver: verifying recipients
  • Approver: review the document Approve or reject
  • Approver: reason for refusal
  • Approver: approve
  • Followers

Feedback and contact

If you are unable to access a content or a service, you can contact the website manager to be directed to an accessible alternative or to obtain the content in another form.


If you encounter an accessibility issue that prevents you from accessing content or a feature of the site, and you have reported it to us but have not received a satisfactory response, you have the right to submit your complaints or a request for intervention to a relevant rights protection authority or organization in your country.

Several options may be available to you:

  • Write a message or email to the appropriate rights protection authority in your country.
  • Contact a local representative or delegate of the rights protection authority, if available.
  • Send a letter by post to the authority or organization.