The electronic signature for the inventory of leased properties

If you’re a real estate agent that also manages properties, it’s in your best interest to use the electronic signature when completing the inventory of fixtures. E-signature guarantees your documents the document remains highly secure, which is particularly important in case there is a dispute at the end of the lease.

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Electronic signature of the property inventory

Can I sign the inventory with the electronic signature?

You already know it— the inventory is a key moment in rental property management at both the beginning and end of a lease. Implementing them properly and safeguarding their storage makes the landlord/tenant relationship more secure and peaceful. In the event of a dispute, this document sets out the responsibilities of each party, with the possibility of the security deposit not being returned, and any added charges to be borne by the tenant where necessary. The stakes are high for you and your clients, especially as legal recourse can take place!

The European regulation (eIDAS) does not express any reservations about using the electronic signature to sign inventories, helping to simplify and secure this key stage of rental management. Make sure, however, that your country does not issue any restrictions for this use. The Yousign team will be able to advise you in this case.

Signing inventories electronically provides a distinct advantage: the original document cannot be disputed. Inventories signed with an e-signature cannot be modified at a later date by an inconsiderate tenant who has the idea to change one or more details on their copy of the inventory, which would subsequently challenge the validity of the landlord's document.

Once the inventory is signed, an electronic certificate is affixed to the electronically signed inventory, leaving no possibility for the document to be modified.

The electronic signature is part of a legally recognized and highly secure process when performed by a trusted third party certified at the European level, such as Yousign.

Dematerialize your inventories by using the digital signature

Facilitates the provision of housing

Facilitates the provision of housing

Simplify the steps of carrying out the inventory and handing over the keys to your tenants by automatically creating, signing and sending the inventory directly from your tablet or mobile phone.

Earn landlords’ trust

Earn landlords’ trust

Build a relationship of trust with the owners of your rental portfolio thanks to increased efficiency in the management of their properties.

Secure your rental management processes

Secure your rental management processes

Benefit from a legally recognized electronic signature that ensures the validity of the documents signed during the inventory, making the documents forgery-proof.


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