Permanent contracts and the electronic signature

Onboarding is a key moment in the relationship that a company will establish with its future employees: it’s when the employee gets to know the company, the team, their missions... The electronic signature for permanent employment contracts will allow HR teams to prepare their new employees’ arrivals ahead of time, and ensure this first step goes smoothly.

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Permanent contract electronic signature

Can permanent employment contracts be signed with the electronic signature?

As every HR director knows, the arrival of a new employee needs to be prepared well in advance. Integrating into the company can be a relatively long process, requiring you to get to know the company and how it works, the team and the tasks assigned to you. Besides, there is the administrative side of things: signing the employment contract, internal regulations, any confidentiality agreements, etc.
The electronic signature for permanent contracts will allow businesses to get rid of all the associated paperwork before a position is filled, and anticipate the various obligations its human resources department has, including declarations to make to public bodies.
Since the arrival "package" has been consulted, validated and signed before their first day, new employees will be able to devote themselves fully to their new position from the get-go and the HR team will have more time to help them settle into the company.

Can permanent employment contracts be signed electronically?

The open-ended employment contract can be signed online through eIDAS-certified electronic signature platforms such as Yousign. Your country's legislation may require a specific level of electronic signature, in which case Yousign's teams will be able to advise you on the most suitable solution.
Electronically signing a permanent employment contract provides many advantages to both employees and employers, as well as recruitment agencies. There is a real legal value, allowing companies to completely dematerialize the hiring process.

Rethink your recruiting process with the e-signature

Simplifies the contracting process

Simplifies the contracting process

Free your teams from costs associated with paper and processing—store permanent contracts in digital format online.

Speeds up the recruitment of talent

Speeds up the recruitment of talent

Recruit faster by requesting future recruits to sign their work contract remotely, from any of their devices, with no complicated registration process.

Makes it easier to welcome new hires

Makes it easier to welcome new hires

Concentrate on welcoming your new hires. Have all the HR documents signed before the day of arrival.


« Our company has saved hours in terms of HR thanks to Yousign, which has simplified and sped up administrative tasks and contract management within our team. »

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The electronic signature of permanent contracts with Yousign

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