The electronic signature of the job description

A detailed description of the missions that an employee is required to carry out within the company, the job description is often given to the employee during the hiring process, attached to the employment contract. As with employment contracts, job sheets can be signed with a digital signature.

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Signature électronique de la fiche de poste

Is it possible to use electronic signatures for job sheets?

A human resources manager must ensure that each employee has a perfect understanding of what the company expects of them. By providing a job description, the employee knows exactly what tasks they will have to perform, along with any other prerequisites, as the employer supervises the employee's role and tasks. In this respect, the job sheet is a very useful document for HR departments and can also be used for recruitment purposes.

Job descriptions can be signed online, thanks to the digital signature. Simple to use, practical and fast, the electronic signature is a rigorous process carried out by companies certified at a European level. Signatories are authenticated by various means before being able to sign.

Job sheets, work contracts, health insurance… the whole package can be signed via an eSignature solution, facilitating the arrival of your new employee in your company.
The digital signature is, therefore, an ideal solution to facilitate the signing of administrative documents produced by the HR department while allowing employees working far from headquarters or with limited availability to sign this document quickly.

Yousign's team will be able to show you the most suitable signature solution according to your national legislation.

Optimise human resources management with the digital signature

Secure commitments

Secure commitments

Protect your agreements with a secure electronic signature that holds real legal value.

Facilitate administrative tasks

Facilitate administrative tasks

Forget about paper and streamline the management of your administrative tasks by digitising all your contracting processes.

Simplify relations with your teams

Simplify relations with your teams

Provide your employees with a service enabling them to consult internal documents serenely before signing.


The digital signature of the job description with Yousign

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