The electronic signature of the fixed-term contract

For an HR director, signing a fixed-term employment contract can be particularly sensitive, especially if the employee is required to join the company as soon as possible. The electronic signature can help you speed up procedures and is perfectly suited to this challenge.

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Electronic signature of a fixed-term employment contract

Is it possible to sign a fixed-term contract with the electronic signature?

As an HR manager, you sometimes find yourself with emergency situations to manage in terms of recruitment: an employee who falls ill at a strategic moment for the company, higher than usual needs requiring a quick arrival of temporary employees, etc.
In such a situation, the first task is to find suitable profiles. Not always so easy in some sectors! And once they are found, it's a question of getting them to sign an employment contract as quickly as possible... before your competitors beat you to it. And that often happens in fast-growing sectors!

Your ability to act quickly when the contract is signed, once the terms have been approved by all parties, can make a difference!

Hiring candidates are not always able to travel when the contracts are ready to sign, and you are often too overloaded with work for yet another meeting, which is useless other than to obtain a simple signature.

The electronic signature of the fixed-term contract is both a legally recognized procedure and your best ally! It can be completed in a few minutes from any device, by the future employee at home, and you, in your office.
If specific restrictions apply in your country, the Yousign team will be able to guide you towards the most suitable electronic signature solution.

Accelerate your recruitment process with the electronic signature

Increases your reactivity

Increases your reactivity

Send the fixed-term employment contract and accompanying documents to your ideal candidate and allow them to consult and sign from home in just a few clicks.

Makes it easier welcome new hires

Makes it easier welcome new hires

Optimize the time your new hire dedicates to discovering your company, team, and their role by anticipating all the administrative bits.

Simplifies human resources management

Simplifies human resources management

Consult the progress of your recruitments and the signature of employment contracts directly from your dashboard.


The electronic signature of fixed-term contracts with Yousign

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    Protect your agreements via encrypted exchanges and secure servers located exclusively in Europe

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  • Validation workflows

    Easily create automated workflows for proofreading, validating, and signing documents

  • Role management

    Define the roles and permissions of each user in your organization on the platform

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