The electronic signature of the call for tenders

Calls for tenders are highly standardised and constrained procedures. In particular, the deadline for submitting the tenders must be scrupulously respected. Oftentimes, a deadline is even clearly mentioned! With the electronic signature, it is impossible to miss this "deadline" for sales teams, who would also benefit from additional time to complete the procedure.

Sign online calls for tenders with Yousign's electronic signature solutions

The electronic signature of the call for tenders

Can call for tenders be signed online?

For (open or restricted) calls for tenders, deals are more complicated to close because there is no face-to-face negotiation. The client's decision is made on the basis of criteria that have been made known to the candidates beforehand. The file must therefore be irreproachable and perfectly meet the expectations of the potential client. Until the very last moment, the sales teams refine the application file. And, as we know, the last few hours are sometimes used to improve on details that can make the difference.

Time is therefore very important in these calls for tenders.

The electronic signature allows sales teams to work until the last minute and increase their chances of closing the contract. For procurement teams it is a simple way to digitise their entire tender processes and to centralise all responses while ensuring their compliance.

The electronic signature is a highly secure process that complies with the European eIDAS regulation. Furthermore it is carried out by companies certified by Public Authorities. Yousign, is certified at the European level and can help you to set up the electronic signature that can be used by commercial and procurement departments.

It should be noted that while private calls for tenders may use a traditional electronic signature, those for public contracts must use an electronic signature with a qualified certificate. Our teams will be able to provide you with information on the solutions best suited to your needs.

Dematerialise the entire consultation process with the digital signature

Opens new possibilities

Opens new possibilities

Focus on your offer and the elements you need without worrying about printing or mail-in times.

Simplifies the consultation process

Simplifies the consultation process

Streamline complex tender processes by enabling end-to-end dematerialisation, without mountains of paper to be sorted and reviewed.

Secures document flows

Secures document flows

Ensure the integrity of sent and received documents with an electronic certificate protecting your documents.


Signing calls for tenders online

  • Real-time monitoring

    Keep an eye on current signature requests from your Yousign account

  • Security and confidentiality

    Protect your agreements via encrypted exchanges and secure servers located exclusively in Europe

  • Integration in your tools

    Easily integrate signature solutions into your internal tools and automate your processes

  • Time-stamped evidence file

    Store your signatures in a time-stamped evidence file archived for 10 years at CDC Arkhineo

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