The electronic signature for job offers

If a promise of employment commits the company to the future employee, it also encourages the new employee to settle into the idea of their new position and to stop their job search. This provides security for HR teams, surrounding their entry into the company.

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esignature for job offers

Is it possible to sign a job offer with the electronic signature?

Some employees are eagerly awaited in a company and being human resources, you are committed to fulfilling your mission by effectively ensuring their arrival. Even though there is always the risk that a future employee might back out at the last moment and decide not to join your company, you understand the psychological importance of the company's commitment to them.

A promise of employment is concrete. This document guarantees the employee that they will be recruited on the mutually agreed date, encouraging the employee to make a solid commitment too:
- most job seekers will stop their search as soon as they receive a job offer,
- those who are currently employed will be encouraged to hand in their notice, ready to join your team!

When you find the hidden gem, it is essential to sign the job offer as soon as possible.

The electronic signature guarantees this speed! The time saved by opting for the digital signature, which can be completed in just a few minutes online, is a considerable asset for your recruitment task.

Future employees do not always live close to your office and are not always available since they are still in their previous job. A face-to-face meeting to sign the job offer often gets pushed back to a later date... The electronic signature shortens deadlines, securing the hiring process in complete confidentiality for all parties.

Strictly framed by the law and only offered by companies that are certified by the governing bodies, the electronic signature is a secure process from end-to-end.
According to your national legislation, Yousign's team will be able to advise you on the most suitable solution.

Secure your recruitment processes with the digital signature

Safeguard your recruitments

Safeguard your recruitments

Consolidate your hiring process by signing the promise of employment as soon as you reach an agreement with your candidate.

Guarantee the confidentiality of your exchanges

Guarantee the confidentiality of your exchanges

Protect your exchanges while allowing the candidate to make an early and confidential commitment, without putting them at risk with their current employer.

Simplify human resources management

Simplify human resources management

Speed up and optimise your recruitment processes by digitising the entire administrative part.


The eSignature of job offers

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