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    1 - Yousign is the easiest alternative to HelloSign

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    2 - Yousign’s API is simpler, better documented, and cheaper

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    3 - Certified in the EU, Yousign is the leading European eSignature provider

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Yousign vs HelloSign: Why Consider a HelloSign Alternative?

First off, we’d like to congratulate HelloSign. Sure, they’re our competitors. But they are contributing to bringing innovation back to a market which hadn’t changed in over a decade. Their product, alongside eSignature apps like ours, is building the new standard in eSignatures. The fact that you’re searching for HelloSign alternatives attests to the depth of the transformation these solutions have brought. Although we share a common ambition to reinvent the eSignature experience, we believe shaking up the eSignature market serving all businesses, big AND small.

Luc Pallavidino

Differentiating Yousign versus HelloSign is - for us - as much about our mission as it is about how we go about realizing it:

#1 we believe in solutions rooted in simplicity. Our app and our API are designed to streamline your team’s work and give your customers and partners the best eSignature experience. Period.

#2 we believe in making eSignatures available beyond enterprise-grade customers, so that companies like yours can drive their business. That’s why we designed our pricing to help you find a plan that works for your needs, not the needs of big corporations.

#3 we believe understanding complicated legal requirements shouldn’t be your job. Unlike our American counterparts, we built our solution to be compliant out of the box and across Europe. We’re based in Europe and our eSignatures are compliant by default so that you and your customers can commit with confidence.
We hope you like it here,

Luc Pallavidino, CEO @Yousign

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Key points that convinced our customers to use Yousign as an alternative to HelloSign

I asked our customer care team to give you the 5 main reasons why companies like yours chose Yousign vs HelloSign for all their eSignature needs.
Here’s what our customers had to say about picking us over the competition:

Reason #1

The simplest eSignature app

Our job is to make it easier for your company to connect with your clients, partners, and employees and move your business forward. Our eSignature app is designed to make it easier than ever to upload, send, and approve all your documents.

Starting your free trial and onboarding your teammates takes minutes, and you can start collecting signatures that are legal, secure, and compliant from day one.
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Yousign eSignature's app

Reason #2

A superior API

We want to make it possible for your team to deliver the best eSignature experience. Our REST API is built to integrate easily to your teams tools or in your app, and is fully documented to help your team make the most out of our API. You can check our API page to kick our tyres. Lastly, every API customer - big or small - will receive support from our dedicated team to support their eSignature needs, with no added cost.

Reason #3

Pricing that works for small and big businesses

We believe in making eSignatures accessible to everyone, not just enterprise-grade clients. We designed our pricing plans to help you get started, and to help your company grow. No hidden fees, no sandbox costs, and no support bills: our pricing is fully transparent. The amount you’re charged each month is easy to determine, and won’t skyrocket year-on-year. The amount you’re charged is adapted to your needs, you’ll pay only for what you use - and nothing more.

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Reason #4

100% built and legal in the EU

We understand the legal complexity of eSignatures, so that you don’t have to. Unlike our American competitors, eSignatures generated via Yousign’s platform are compliant by default. Our product integrates all the legal requirements you need to deliver secure, legally binding signatures that comply with European norms for privacy and eSignatures. That’s why we’re the leading eSignature brand across Europe.

eSignatures generated via Yousign’s platform are compliant by default.

Reason #5

We’ve got your back

Our customer care team is here to help your business get ahead with digital signatures. No matter your size or your country, you can give us a call or drop us a line via our chat and you’ll get an answer in minutes. Whether you’re a Yousign customer or just browsing, our team is here to help yours. Oh, and did we mention we’re a pretty friendly bunch? Get the support you need to implement Yousign and streamline your approval processes today!

Yousign's team

How we fare versus our other competitors

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