The electronic signature for freelance contracts

For an HR director, meeting the needs of different departments by allowing them to use, sometimes at short notice, the services of freelance professionals is a valuable guarantee of competence. But the challenge is sometimes considerable, especially when considering the time needed to draft and sign a freelance contract. But the ideal solution exists… the digital signatures!

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Can a freelance contract be signed online?

As a human resources professional, you are called upon by various departments within the company to recruit an external professional on an ad hoc basis. This is practical and arguably less restrictive than signing a fixed-term contract, however, you still need to legally secure this collaboration.

A freelance contract for the provision of services to support a mission will need to be signed. While, logically, the contract’s terms are the responsibility of the requesting department, it is up to you, as HR, to ensure the contract is signed by both parties.

Time can be short… especially when the project is due to start the day after the contract has been signed! Freelancers are not always geographically close, which can make it complicated to set up a physical meeting to sign the contract at the soonest possible date. Not to mention, you probably don’t have time to waste for such an appointment!

An obvious solution to save time, while keeping the peace of mind that comes with a properly signed agreement: the electronic signature. Digital signatures are monitored by eIDAS, the governing body who approves the solutions and companies certified to implement this process.

Careful! Freelancers often carry out their professional activity by working for various companies (who may be competitors). The most prudent action as an HR professional is, therefore, to have them also sign a confidentiality agreement. As with the freelance contract, this agreement can be sealed with a digital signature, which provides a multitude of advantages in this area.

Your country's legislation may require a specific level of electronic signature. The Yousign team will be able to provide you with the corresponding solution.

Demonstrate flexibility with digital signatures

Simplify your administrative management

Simplify your administrative management

Benefit from an easy-to-use application that allows you to oversee all your contracts from one single interface.

Increase your reactivity

Increase your reactivity

Optimise skills management and HR needs by quickly hiring new profiles to support your teams

Secure your agreements

Secure your agreements

Formalise your commitments with the various service providers with a secure solution holding real legal value.


The electronic signature of the freelance contract with Yousign

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