Cookies Policy

Updated on 3 April 2023

The purpose of this Cookies Policy is to inform you about how we collect your Personal Data in our capacity as a Controller, using the cookies present on our Website and Platform.

Please note that all terms written with a capital letter not defined in this Cookies Policy will have the meaning given to them here.

1. What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your device when you visit the Website or Platform (hereinafter the “Cookie” or “Cookies”). We use Cookies to collect information about your browsing, preferences and settings, so that we can provide you with personalised content and services and can analyse your actions on our Website and Platform.

We have developed a Cookie manager system on our Website (hereinafter the “Consent Management Platform” or “CMP”) allowing to visualize all the Cookies we use, and accept or reject, any or all of them, at any time, when they are not necessary for the Website and Platform to operate.

Some Cookies are strictly necessary for our Website and Platform to work. Since they are essential, the Personal Data protection laws and regulations deem that they do not require us to gather your consent for them. These Cookies are listed in the following paragraphs of this Cookies Policy.

You can accept or reject other Cookies by clicking on the “Cookies” button in the Website footer at any time.

2. What Cookies do we use?

  • Strictly necessary technical Cookies

Technical Cookies are necessary for the Website and Platform to function correctly. These are used throughout your browsing session, to run the main features. Without these Cookies, the Visitor would be unable to use the Website or the Platform normally.

We use the following technical Cookies: 







Save your choice regarding the use of cookies


Save your choice regarding the use of cookies  

3 months


Consent statistics by Google

Analyzes your choice regarding the use of cookies    


Distinguishes users.

13 months


Collects data to improve the performance of the site and aims to correct any site malfunctions


A cookie used to aggregate all events generated by a single user session across multiple pages. It contains the current session ID and the expiry date of the session. The cookie is extended for an additional 15 minutes each time the user interacts with the website, up to the maximum duration of the user session      

4 hours



To provide an online communication service for the user of the site (chat bot)  


Cookie for anonymous identification of visitors. Cookie deposited when visiting the site.      

9 months



This cookie is set to activate the conversational agent when the user visits the operator's site, and is refreshed each time the connection is successful, extending it for a week from that point. Thus the user can access and retain conversations with the conversational agent until the session is intentionally terminated, which usually occurs at logout      

1 week


  • User experience Cookies

Cookies for personalising the user experience enable us to offer you the content most likely to correspond to your interests in the light of your browsing profile. Your browsing profile is established according to the content you have already consulted.

We use the following content personalisation Cookies:








Collects your trial, contact or demo requests


Identifies a visitor when submitting a form and is used for contact deduplication          

13 mois


Follows up on sessions and determines if HubSpot should increment the session number and timestamps in the __hstc cookie     


30 minutes


Determines if the visitor has restarted their browser                 

Fin de session (quand le site est fermé)


Stores timestamp data                 

13 mois


Set by Cloudflare, HubSpot’s CDN provider, to enable it to detect malicious visitors to our website and minimizes blocking legitimate users                 

30 jours

  • Audience measurement Cookies

Audience measurement Cookies allow us to produce traffic and browsing statistics about our Website and Platform to improve our performance. The Cookies we use also help us to identify navigation issues and ultimately resolve them.

We use the following audience measurement Cookies:






Google Analytics

Analyzes site audiences


Distinguishes users

13 months


Distinguishes users

24 hours


Reduces the demand rate

1 minute


Retrieve a Client ID from AMP Client ID service

30 seconds to 12 months


Contains information about user interactions with advertising campaigns

90 days


Stores data related to ads clicked through Google Adsense

3 months

  • Third-party cookies

Third-party platform Cookies can be created not only by our Website and Platform but also by other websites that post advertisements, announcements, widgets or other elements on the page displayed. Among other things, these Cookies may be used to measure the effectiveness of our advertising.

We recommend that you check the data protection policies of the companies behind these Cookies, to learn about the purpose for which  the browsing information they may  collect through Cookies is used, and how you can exercise your rights.

We use the following social media Cookies:







Identifies users from Linkedin


Optimizes data center selection

1 day


Synchronizes LinkedIn Ads ID

30 days


Ensures there is correct SameSite attribute for all cookies in the browser

1 year


Remembers a user's language setting

End of session (website closed)


Identifies users from Facebook


Identifies users

3 months

3. How can you manage your Cookie preferences?

The deposit of Cookies that are strictly necessary for our Website and Platform to function is activated by default and does not require your consent. Nonetheless, you can find information about these Cookies on our CMP and in this Cookies Policy. 

All other Cookies are subject to your consent. You can therefore accept or reject them from the CMP, in the Website footer, by clicking on the “Cookies” button. Your Cookies preferences are retained for a period of six (6) months. You are welcome to amend your choices at any time by clicking on the “Cookies” button in the Website footer.

In addition to managing your consent via our CMP, you can set your browser to accept or reject certain Cookies. Each browser offers different settings options:

  • On Google Chrome: you can manage your settings here.
  • On Safari: you can manage your settings here.
  • On Firefox: you can manage your settings here.
  • On Internet Explorer: you can manage your settings here.
  • On Opera: you can manage your settings here.

4. Amendments to this Cookies policy

We may amend this policy at any time, particularly in order to comply with any regulatory, jurisprudential or technical developments. We will notify you of any updates through our Website, and in particular by publishing the updated CMP. We invite  you to consult this page regularly by referring to the date of the last update shown at the top of this page. 

5. Contact us

If you have any questions about this policy or any requests concerning your Personal Data, you can contact us by completing the form available here.