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Updated on Apr 17, 2024

Published on Jul 6, 2022

Yousign launches its new One plan, targeted to freelancers and self-employed workers

Marion Ravut

Marion Ravut

Product Marketing Manager @Yousign

Illustration: Lea Coiffey


The year 2020 has been a particularly trying year. For self-employed people and freelancers, it highlighted the need to be able to optimise the tasks ancillary to their activity, in order for them to concentrate on their core business. 

This is why Yousign is launching the One plan, which is particularly dedicated to them.

Yousign's new turnkey offer offers a complete and flexible electronic signature solution tailored to their needs, which includes: 

  • 10 remote and face to face signatures/month, 
  • 1 user
  • 1 real-time signature tracking interface
  • All the essential features of the electronic signature
A flexible plan for small needs

A flexible plan for small needs

The signature needs of freelancers and self-employed workers are not necessarily the same every month. Depending on the specifications and the economic situation, there may be real variations. 

Yousign's Plan One is a non-binding offer, to be paid month by month, without any contractual obligation. 

Leave and come back whenever you want, and above all: keep your expenses under control! Yousign evolves with you, without compromise. 

At Yousign, we are committed to providing the same quality of service to all our customers. This new plan offers a complete electronic signature solution that includes all the essential features: 

  • A new monitoring interface to track the progress of signatures in real-time
  • An ultra-simplified creation and signature process
  • Personalised workflows for proofreading and signing documents. 
  • Automatic reminders and notifications, to automate reminders and speed up signatures.
  • And much more...
The best of the electronic signature at a reduced price

The best of the electronic signature at a reduced price

This new plan is in line with our desire to democratise the electronic signature, because no company, however small, should ignore this essential tool for managing its business. 

All professionals can now take advantage of the benefits of the electronic signature through a flexible and accessible price plan, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the Yousign application.

All these features are not at the expense of security, which has always been a priority. Our signature certificates comply with the eIDAS regulation, making Yousign a recognised certification authority in France and Europe. 

With the One plan, Yousign provides freelancers and self-employed workers with an adapted, simple and accessible electronic signature solution to optimise signature management and allow them to concentrate on what matters. 

As a freelancer, I can only recommend Yousign. I use it mainly to approve my customers' quotes. It's simple and very secure.

Arthur Allizard

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