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Published on Jul 6, 2022

FinTech companies: revitalising the financial industry

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Pauline Dubois

Pauline Dubois

Content manager @Yousign

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64% -- this is the average FinTech adoption rate by consumers from nearly 27 countries, according to the Ernst & Young EY Global FinTech Adoption Index 2019.

The growth of online banking and mobile-first platforms have had a significant impact on FinTech adoption by both individuals and companies.

FinTech companies are at the crux of financial innovation and state-of-the-art technology, revitalising digital services both in France and around the world.

According to France FinTech, a professional association of French fintech, insurtech and regtech companies, they raised €2.14 billion since 2015.


  • What is a FinTech company?
  • A few FinTech companies to watch
  • FinTech and electronic signatures: a perfect match!

What is a FinTech company?

FinTech companies are start-ups or SMEs in the financial industry.

💡 💡 In fact, the word FinTech is a contraction of the term “financial technology”.

The growth of FinTech companies revolutionised careers in the financial industry by offering an alternative to more traditional companies. 

These innovative solutions include new financial products and digital solutions, as well as a more customer-centric approach!


Financial services are one of the most regulated industries in the world.

In Europe, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a framework for the collection and processing of personal information, particularly for new FinTech companies.

Examples of services

FinTechs are based on:

“new technologies (AI, Machine Learning, Data Science and Big Data, Blockchain, IoT, etc.) and offer a high added value impacting current financial usages, including B2C and B2B.”
(France FinTech)

☑ crowdfunding,

☑ online payments,

☑ mobile payments,

☑ bank account management.


Note: do not automatically assume FinTech means neobank, because not all FinTechs are banks

A few FinTech companies to watch 👀

387 French FinTech companies included in the Mapping FinTech 2021 study from NewAlpha Asset Management, published in late 2020.

According to France FinTech, there are 7 categories of FinTechs.

For each category, we selected a few companies that chose to partner with Yousign and use its electronic signature services on a regular basis 

1️⃣  Financing


A young French FinTech founded by three entrepreneurs (Ali Rami, Rémy Tinco and Benjamin Cambier), Mansa offers a quick and easy solution to help independent contractors and freelancers access bank loans.

2️⃣ Banking/Personal Finance Management (PFM)


The first neobank designed and created entirely for freelancers, Shine streamlines work by providing an online professional account and a personal administrative assistant.


Started in 2017, the neobank Qonto is a financial management solution designed for companies and freelancers. Its mission is to simplify everyday banking for its clients.

3️⃣ RegTech - risks

Specialising in remote subscription and online fraud detection, Netheos is a SaaS solution that is 100% made in France, founded in 2004 in Montpellier.


💡Good to know: short for Regulatory Technology, RegTech companies use new technologies to help businesses meet regulatory and compliance requirements.


4️⃣ Payment services

Created in 2007, Lemonway is a 100% secure payment solution designed for marketplaces and participatory finance platforms in Europe.

A payment solution making a positive impact, Paygreen has been committed to social and environmental issues since 2015.

5️⃣ Operational services

For companies who hesitate to handle their own cash management, Agicap offers a solution designed for VSBs and SMEs that simplifies the process.

A SaaS finance distribution platform for real estate and financial services professionals, Eloa has supported more than 2,000 credit brokers since 2018.

Designed to optimise the management of legal and financial shareholding information, Equify is an essential tool for every entrepreneur.

Testamento offers a range of services related to succession planning designed for individuals and professional networks.

6️⃣ Assurances

Leocare focuses on improving the user experience in insurance by providing real-time features that are simple and easy to use.

Looking for a rental flat is sometimes difficult. Unkle helps renters who may struggle to find a flat by becoming their guarantor.

7️⃣ Investments and wealth management solutions

Specialising in sustainable forestry, Ecotree allows individuals and companies to purchase trees and collectively invest in the French forest.

FinTech and electronic signatures: a perfect match!

An electronic signature is a digital innovation in which signatures can be signed remotely in a secure, legal way for any type of team or industry.

Yousign is a 100% French solution, available in both App and API format, that actively helps VSBs and SMEs in France and around the world become more digital.

As a part of a FinTech system, electronic signatures can:

  • increase productivity,
  • provide secure signatures,
  • improve the user experience in the signature phase,
  • enhance collaboration between teams.

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