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Updated on Sept 15, 2022

Published on Jul 6, 2022

What electronic signature to choose : 
9 essential criteria to check [checklist].

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Pauline Dubois

Pauline Dubois

Content manager @Yousign

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We have already covered the subject of "why" to choose an electronic signature. 

Today, we come back in more detail to the stage of choosing the electronic signature provider.

What criteria should you take into account when drawing up your specifications?

Spoiler: you MUST check all the criteria related to the legality and security of the solution you choose so that your documents are legally valid and protected. The rest - the ergonomics - is entirely up to you! 

It's up to you to tick off the checklist! ⬇

Which electronic signature to choose: lthe legal and security aspect 🔒

1. Compliance with the applicable regulations ⏹


It is a reference legal text in Europe for all electronic signature processes.

eIDAS defines the common rules for all electronic signature processes:

  • guarantee the integrity of the signed document, 
  • allow the identification of the signatory.


This occurs as soon as confidential customer and third party signatory data such as first and last name, email address, telephone number, IP address are collected, processed and stored.

The electronic signature software must :

  • be compliant with GDPR across the entire spectrum of its activities,
  • guarantee the confidentiality of documents and information processed and hosted on its servers and those of its subcontractors.

2. Certification authority ⏹

Choose a trusted third party that generates its own eIDAS-compliant electronic certificates to have a single point of contact and simplify your management.

3. Identification of signatories ⏹

Opt for a solution that has several means of authenticating the identity of the signatory: this is multi-factor authentication (SMS with OTP code, emails, ID card verification) to ensure increased security.


Speaking of identification, refresh your memory on the different types of electronic signatures (simple, advanced, qualified) ⬇

4. Support in the event of a dispute ⏹

The solution must be able to provide a time-stamped and archived evidence file for each signature.

As a reminder: the evidence file contains all the information that led to the successful completion of the signature in order to ensure the security of the various parties. In the event of a dispute, this document allows the electronic signature to be technically replayed.

5. Securing trade ⏹

Know that the encryption of information and documents as well as a hosting on servers located in France brings an additional level of security to exchanges.

Ease of use of electronic signature solutions 🪂

6. Meeting your daily needs ⏹

Beforehand, you must have asked yourself all these questions:

  • For how many users?
  • How much per month per user are you willing to pay?
  • What type of documents to sign?
  • What features?
  • Which digital document formats are supported?

7. Integration into business tools ⏹

Choose an API solution that can be easily integrated into your CRM, ERP and business software.

8. Sign from anywhere ⏹

SaaS solutions offer ubiquity compared to in-house installed software.

Opting for a digital signature solution that is accessible on all types of mobile devices and all operating systems will greatly facilitate the signing process!

You will be able to access the online interface via specific identifiers. The only requirement is a satisfactory internet connection.
The only requirement is a satisfactory internet connection.

9. Smooth user experience ⏹

Focus on a simple and intuitive solution to allow you to "sign in a few clicks" and within the hour! 

To do this, do not hesitate to test the identified service providers if they offer free trials without commitment.

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