The electronic signature of the agency agreement

Negotiating agency agreements—especially sole agency agreements—is a strong sign of commissions to come. It is therefore key to obtain the seller’s signature as quickly as possible. To speed up this process, the electronic signature is the big winner by miles!

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Electronic signature of the agency agreement

Is it possible to sign an agency agreement with the electronic signature?

It’s your daily reality: as a real estate agent or representative, your first mission is to look for properties to sell.

Obtaining an agency agreement is a challenge that requires various competencies. You must know how to find opportunities, work your network, but also how to act quickly when a potential seller is interested in your proposal of an agency agreement. Competition is always on the lookout and it's often a race in the ultra-competitive real estate market. The first professional who signs the agency agreement gets a head start, especially if the client has agreed to sign a sole agency agreement for the first weeks or months...

This is where the electronic signature comes in: shortening the process of signing the agency agreement and improving your customer relationship by demonstrating your modernity and reactivity.

The signatories don’t even have to come to your office to sign the agreement in person; it can be completed within a few minutes from the comfort of their home from the signatory’s computer, mobile or tablet, via an eIDAS certified company (the European regulation governing electronic signatures). The process is legally recognized and extremely secure, from the signature to the preservation of evidentiary files for at least 10 years. A good way to get an upper hand on your competitors!

Some European countries can sometimes issue restrictions or require a particular level of electronic signature. Yousign team will be able to advise you in this area.

Expand your property portfolio with e-signatures

Expand your business

Expand your business

Enrich your portfolio of properties for sale by reducing transaction times and speeding up the time to make them available on the real estate market.

Improve your customer relations

Improve your customer relations

Demonstrate efficiency, reactivity, and modernity by offering your customers the possibility to consult, sign and send their documents from home.

Optimize your schedule

Optimize your schedule

Focus on finding new agency agreements rather than the gathering of signatures by using an application that centralizes your contractual processes.


E-signatures for your agency agreements with Yousign

  • Automatic reminders

    Automate and personalize your reminders after you have sent your documents to be signed

  • Remote electronic signature

    Receive, consult and sign your documents wherever you are, from your computer or mobile phone

  • Dynamic fields

    Allow signatories to complete documents before signing, directly from the application

  • Real-time monitoring

    Keep an eye on current signature requests from your Yousign account

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