The electronic signature of the sales commitment

Convincing a prospect to buy a good or service is already a first success for a sales team. What is even better is to obtain as quickly as possible the signature of a sales commitment that will make the purchase a reality.

Sign your sales commitments online with Yousign's electronic signature solutions

The electronic signature of the sales commitment

Why sign a sales commitment online?

Salespeople know this; nothing is ever a foregone conclusion and the opinions of consumers or procurement departments are increasingly changing. Just because they have been convinced by the sales pitch and say they want to buy the product or service does not mean that the deal will necessarily go through. In order to close the deal, a sales commitment must be signed as quickly as possible. However, the sales department and the customer are not always face to face.

If the signature of the sale commitment depends on a mailed letter, the deadline may give the buyer time to retract, especially if they are solicited by competitors. The possibility of offering him, immediately after his commitment, the signature of a sale commitment by electronic means avoids this pitfall and speeds up the completion of the deal.

The sales departments that have opted for this technological facility are one step ahead of their competitors. The electronic signature therefore represents an undeniable added value for the sales teams, who must be aware that such an operation is totally secure if it is carried out by companies approved by the Public Authorities. The latter verify in particular that the European eIDAS regulation is being complied with. This is the constraint to which Yousign, a company offering the implementation of electronic signatures and approved by the public authorities, is committed.

Gain in efficiency and increase your sales thanks to the electronic signature

Speeds up the signature process

Speeds up the signature process

Free yourselves for postal delays! Sign and have all your sales commitment electronically signed in the blink of an eye thanks to Yousign.

Modernise your commitment

Modernise your commitment

Give your customers a modern, efficient and intuitive signing experience.

Accessible anytime, anywhere

Accessible anytime, anywhere

Thanks to the Yousign application, sign and have your sales commitment signed from anywhere and at any time from any medium!


Signing online the sale commitment

  • Security and confidentiality

    Protect your agreements via encrypted exchanges and secure servers located exclusively in Europe

  • Real-time monitoring

    Keep an eye on current signature requests from your Yousign account

  • Validation workflows

    Easily create automated workflows for proofreading, validating, and signing documents

  • Integration in your tools

    Easily integrate signature solutions into your internal tools and automate your processes

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