The electronic signature of the professional training contract

Professional training contracts are signed between a company and a student employee.  The formula is very popular with young people looking for a solution to fund their studies. For their part, companies appreciate these training grants, often motivated, for a salary that does not overburden their budget.

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Can professional training contracts be signed electronically?

The professional training contract is a work-study contract that makes it possible to combine the acquisition of educational knowledge and professional practice within a company. It must be in writing and can be concluded under a fixed-term contract  or a long-term contract.

Companies interested in these professional training contracts can have them signed electronically, as it is a simple and time effective process.

The electronic signature of a professional training contract is entirely secure. The process, which is legally validated throughout Europe, is carried out by companies approved by public authorities. As an eIDAS compliant solution provider, YouSign is one of the companies authorised to assist you in the finalisation of your professional training contracts.

Speed up the conclusion of your professional training contracts thanks to the electronic signature.

Simplifies the contracting process

Simplifies the contracting process

Free yourselves from the constraints of paper and simplify your administrative tasks.

Makes administrative management easier

Makes administrative management easier

Sign the professsional training contract in a few clicks and follow its progress from your dashboard.

Secure your contracts

Secure your contracts

Benefit from an e-signature certified at European level, holding real legal value.


The electronic signature for professional contracts with Yousign

  • Dynamic fields

    Allow signatories to complete documents before signing, directly from the application

  • Accessible on all devices

    Access the Yousign application from any device: computer, tablet or mobile phone

  • Validation workflows

    Easily create automated workflows for proofreading, validating, and signing documents

  • Real-time monitoring

    Keep an eye on current signature requests from your Yousign account

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