Insurance termination
and the electronic signature

Providing the best possible support for clients when they take out a new insurance contract often means offering them a whole range of related services. Helping them in the termination of insurance for their old contracts is just one of them. The electronic signature can make your task easier.

Obtain insurance termination signatures online with Yousign's electronic signature solutions

Termination of insurance contract online

Is the termination of insurance contracts possible with the digital signature?

The insurance industry is extremely competitive. It is not only a question of finding new customers looking for insurance, but also prospecting consumers who already have an insurance policy.

As well as providing a quality service and fair price, you can provide potential customers with the added benefit of your support when it comes to insurance termination for their old contracts. The eSignature helps speed up the cancellation process.

The sooner your future client cancels their previous insurance contract, the sooner they will be able to sign your offer.

This dematerialised signature meets the requirements of the eIDAS regulation and can only be offered by specialised companies, certified by Europe’s governing bodies. The operation is not a simple signature affixed to a "paper" contract, scanned and sent back by email. The electronic signature is a rigorously controlled process. Digital signature solutions verify the identity of the signatories and then allow them to proceed with the electronic signature by generating and sending a security code for example,. An evidentiary file is then archived for a minimum of 10 years following each signature. This is an added value to be highlighted to your future customers, who are increasingly seeking service providers who demonstrate modernity via new technologies.

Depending on the legislation in the various European countries, not all types of contracts can be terminated in the same way (sometimes by the customer, sometimes directly by the insurer, sometimes via electronic signature, sometimes via handwritten signature). Yousign's team will guide you towards the most suitable solution according to your national legislation.

Provide your customers with an end-to-end digital service thanks to the eSignature

Simplify insurance termination

Simplify insurance termination

Offer your customers a complete service including online support for the termination of insurance with their old provider.

Speed up the subscription process

Speed up the subscription process

Make your insurance contracts effective as quickly as possible by settling the entire administrative part in just a few clicks.

Optimise management

Optimise management

Keep an eye on all files that are being processed or that have been processed from a single, accessible dashboard.


Insurance termination online with Yousign

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