The electronic signature of the franchise agreement

Franchises are booming in many areas of the economy: restaurants, real estate, sports halls... Faced with exponential competition, franchises and master-franchisees must quickly attract potential newcomers.

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The electronic signature of the franchise agreement

Can a franchise agreement be signed electronically?

This is undoubtedly the fashionable business model. Developing a network of franchises can be financially very attractive for companies embarking on the adventure
The sales and marketing teams are on deck to enhance the brand and offer value-added services that can make them stand out from competing franchises.

In the face of such competition, the electronic signature represents a major advantage for salespeople who can close deals as quickly as possible, once the franchise has been accepted. In just a few minutes, in fact, documents can be signed remotely, and a new recruit can be added to the franchisee's team.

It is also an effective way of simplifying often long and complex contractualisation processes.

Strictly used by companies certified by the public authorities and highly secure, the electronic signature must comply with the European eIDAS regulation. With the highest levels of certification, Yousign is authorised to offer this electronic signature.

Accelerate the expansion of your network with the digital signature

Simplifies the contractualisation process

Simplifies the contractualisation process

Avoid unnecessary travel and return trips by mail. Consult, exchange and sign from a centralised platform.

Reduces processing costs

Reduces processing costs

Make substantial savings by drastically reducing the processing and travel costs of your sales teams.

Boost your development

Boost your development

Focus on the essentials and no longer consider distance as a hindrance to the development of your business.


Signing your franchise agreement online with Yousign

  • Remote electronic signature

    Receive, consult and sign your documents wherever you are, from your computer or mobile phone

  • Validation workflows

    Easily create automated workflows for proofreading, validating, and signing documents

  • Legal signatures in Europe

    Benefit from certified electronic signature solutions that are legally valid throughout the European Union

  • Dynamic fields

    Allow signatories to complete documents before signing, directly from the application

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