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Electronic signature in Excel :
Simplifies your spreadsheet verification processes

Excel is a powerful tool allowing you to track and manage a variety of operations that are necessary in your industry. Using the insert signature in Excel, you can now easily validate accounts, budgets, or timesheets; all whilst leaving the printing and tedious back-and-forth behind.

  • Excel: the tireless tool

    Microsoft Excel software has always been the driver of all management tools in companies spread across all sectors. It is part of your day-to-day processes and it’s taking an exciting leap forward today.

  • Dematerialised legal validation

    Save your excel sheets as a PDF to legally validate your documents in just a few clicks and say goodbye to the hassle signing paper forms for good.

  • Your new best friend

    Administrative Directors, Financial Directors and Project Managers can now get spreadsheets signed remotely, speeding up decision making process.

Electronic signature of an Excel file

How to use the electronic signature in Excel?

Leave any complicated procedures to the side. You do not need to configure anything with your spreadsheet. The Yousign app already contains all of the necessary features to complete digital signatures online using Excel, in a legal and secure way. From generating digital certificates to creating file records, Yousign takes care of all of the technical and legal aspects.

  • Sign into the Yousign digital signature app

  • Select the Excel documents that you would like get signed

  • Add signatories and send out your invitations

  • Collect the signed and validated documents!

Word and PDF files

The Yousign app also allows you to get all of your work contracts, quotes and mission statements signed in PDF and Word.
When you invite your contacts, you can decide which documents need to be validated, signed or consulted as an attachment, like in an email.

Your 2.0 spreadsheets

Revolutionise the way in which you validate spreadsheets and worksheets. Use the Yousign digital signature with all of your spreadsheets such as LibreOffice Calc, Google Sheets and Numbers.

  • From spreadsheet to PDF

    Save your spreadsheets in PDF, the ideal format for sending documents

  • Send using the Yousign app

    Upload your files and select which files need to be signed or consulted as attachments

  • Legally binding electronic signature

    Your digital signature requests can be sent to your clients and partners all over Europe

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