The electronic signature of attendance sheets

If there is one area where the e-signature is relevant, it’s that of attendance sheets. They sometimes have to be signed by people that are located kilometers apart.

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esignature attendance sheets

Can attendance sheets be signed with the electronic signature?

Attendance sheets are used to collect signature. They are often presented in the form of an empty table with at least three columns: surname, first name and signature. Other columns can be added, in order to collect more information about the signatory.
The are usually used for meetings, exams sessions, committee meetings, internships, school reunions,etc.  Signing attendance sheets electronically makes a lot of sense especially for the education sector.
With remote courses and lessons, students do show up to classes, but from their home. Some of them have even gone back to their parents’, who are located kilometers away from the learning place.

In these conditions, attendance sheets can easily be validated if they are signed electronically.

Therefore, opting for an electronic signature solution to sign attendance sheets makes a lot of sense.

Especially considering that the electronic signature is a secure process, strictly regulated by the Public Authorities who are in charge of making sure that european regulations on electronic signatures (eIDAS) are strictly followed. As a trusted and fully eIDAS-compliant e-signature provider, Yousign can help you set up a signature solution that fits your needs.

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Streamlines contract management

Streamlines contract management

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Reduces costs

Reduces costs

Dematerialise your attendance sheets, and decrease all your printing costs

Boosts your business

Boosts your business

Take advantage of a solution capable of offering the best user experience and service quality.


« Using Yousign daily is a real plus and is completely in line with the school's digital transformation strategy. »

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Eva Le Floch

Legal and purchasing policy manager at EM Normandie

The electronic signature of attendance sheets with Yousign

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