The electronic signature of the purchase order

Enabling sales and procurement teams to use electronic signatures to quickly enter a properly completed purchase order is an excellent initiative. The increasing competition between companies gives an advantage to those who know how to save time by using new technologies...

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electronic signature of purchase orders

Can I sign a purchase order with the electronic signature?

It is essential that the various documents prior to the final conclusion of a case be signed as quickly as possible. The purchase order, for example, which triggers the sale, can be signed electronically. The speed of the operation (a few minutes) can make it possible to overtake competitors. They often take advantage of the time saved by the exchange of letters to win over customers who are still hesitant.

The operation is secure: the electronic signature is controlled by the Public Authorities who issue approval to companies that can offer this service. Only the latter, which undertakes to comply with the European regulations governing this operation (eIDAS), can therefore assist you in setting up the electronic signature for your order forms. Yousign is one of the approved companies.

Overtake your competitors thanks to the electronic signature of the purchase order

Simplifies your processes

Simplifies your processes

Stop driving back and forth ! The electronic signature saves you time and unnecessary travel.

Stores your contracts securely

Stores your contracts securely

Centralise all your purchase orders in one application and consult them at your leisure!

Reduces processing costs

Reduces processing costs

Reduce paper processing costs and drastically reduce your overall costs!


Signing your purchase orders electronically with Yousign

  • Legal signatures in Europe

    Benefit from certified electronic signature solutions that are legally valid throughout the European Union

  • Strong authentication of signatories

    Benefit from a variety of secure authentication systems that guarantee the identity of your signatories

  • Contact book

    Manage all your contacts, signatories and collaborators directly in your application

  • Remote electronic signature

    Receive, consult and sign your documents wherever you are, from your computer or mobile phone

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