The electronic signature of the property management agreement

The electronic signature for rental management allows real-estate professionals to avoid wasting time—once the parties are in tune, it will just be a question of getting the rental management contract signed. Quick and simple, the agreement is completed in a click!

Sign your property management agreements online with Yousign's electronic signature solutions

Electronic signature of the rental management agreement

Can I sign my rental management agreements with an electronic signature?

Property management is booming in real estate agencies. Offering this service in addition to the "transactional" activity will simultaneously serve your clients while ensuring the long-term future of your agency. Rental management is less sensitive to real estate market cycles than rental sales!
This is a good reason to pay attention to this activity which secures your overall turnover. To optimise the process, introduce the electronic signature and speed up the completion of the rental management agreement via a legally recognised process.

By ensuring an early conclusion of the contract, the electronic signature allows you to retain customers that might be hesitant or geographically distant: the signature of the contract is a concrete commitment... more so than promises to use your services!

The digital signature represents a serious competitive advantage over other rental property managers.

Investors appreciate call upon professionals who use the latest technologies, especially when these technologies take into account their constraints!

The digital signature process is secure, extremely easy to use, accessible to all your customers and adaptable to your internal tools. It also has real legal value if you use a certified solution such as Yousign, a trusted third party that rigorously complies with the European eIDAS regulation governing electronic signatures. Some European countries issue certain restrictions or require a certain level of electronic signature. In this case, the Yousign team can provide you the most suitable solution.

Speed up the signature of property management agreements

Simplifies the contracting process

Simplifies the contracting process

Free yourself from administrative constraints by sending documents to be signed in just a few clicks from your application.

Improves your customer relations

Improves your customer relations

Improve responsiveness and allow owners to receive, view and sign documents wherever they are, from all their devices.

Secures your business

Secures your business

Strengthen your property rental management activity and secure a sustainable source of turnover, with a secure solution certified at the European level.


The signature of the property management agreement with Yousign

  • Remote electronic signature

    Receive, consult and sign your documents wherever you are, from your computer or mobile phone

  • Dynamic fields

    Allow signatories to complete documents before signing, directly from the application

  • Automatic reminders

    Automate and personalize your reminders after you have sent your documents to be signed

  • Validation workflows

    Easily create automated workflows for proofreading, validating, and signing documents

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