The electronic signature
for life insurance

The underwriting process for insurance needs to be both controlled and secure—this is particularly the case for life insurance contracts. The digital signature is the perfect solution to meet these requirements.

Get life insurance policies signed online with Yousign's electronic signature solutions

Electronic signature of life insurance policy

Can I sign a life insurance policy online?

Life insurance is one of the best known and used financial investments. Competition is fierce in this booming sector waging a fierce war online, where consumers find more and more contracts available.

The reliability of an insurance company is demonstrated through its advisory duties, but also through the security of its operations.

The process of obtaining life insurance signatures must be rigorously controlled, and more and more companies are choosing to opt for the eSignature, a modern and secure process, governed by the European "eIDAS" regulation. Digital signatures eliminate the need to send contracts by post to be signed by your clients.

Monitored by trusted third parties, the electronic signature offers an appropriate level of security, through rigorous protocol where the signatory’s identity is checked. A digital certificate is issued, sealing the signed document.

The guarantee of strong authentication of each signatory, time-stamped proof files for each signature, and the secure storage of documents make the electronic signature your best ally to conclude many new life insurance contracts!

We recommend using an advanced digital signature for life insurance contracts.
However, your national legislation may require a different level of signature. The Yousign team will guide you when choosing the most adapted solution for your company.

Protect your clients with the electronic signature for life insurance contracts

Secure the subscription process

Secure the subscription process

Benefit from a subscription process that is secure from end-to-end, resulting in a signature with real legal value.

Speed up the availability of contracts

Speed up the availability of contracts

Send your clients their life insurance policies to be checked and signed in just a few clicks from any device.

Reduce processing costs

Reduce processing costs

Optimise your task management and reduce the costs related to creating and following up contracts by digitising your entire subscription process.


The eSignature for life insurance contracts via Yousign

  • Strong authentication of signatories

    Benefit from a variety of secure authentication systems that guarantee the identity of your signatories

  • Security and confidentiality

    Protect your agreements via encrypted exchanges and secure servers located exclusively in Europe

  • Integration in your tools

    Easily integrate signature solutions into your internal tools and automate your processes

  • Consent protocol

    Reinforce the proof of agreement by adding boxes to be ticked and texts to be copied by the signatories

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