The electronic signature
for liability insurance

An essential guarantee to cover the damage that your clients could unintentionally cause to third parties, third-party insurance is sometimes part of existing contracts (multi-risk home insurance, car insurance...), but not always.

Obtain liability insurance signatures online with Yousign's eSignature solutions

Electronic signature of liability insurance

Can a third-party insurance contract be signed electronically?

Liability insurance can be taken out by individuals, professionals, businesses or associations to protect themselves from the cost—which can be significant—of harm caused to others. These potential clients often want to start this insurance as soon as possible.

As an insurer, your goal to take a share of this large market can be driven when you implement digital signatures for your contracts.

This online process allows you to shorten the time it takes to sign insurance contracts via a process that is well regulated and controlled by the authorised governing bodies.

As you can imagine, the digital signature is more than a simple initial affixed to a paper contract, scanned and sent back to your company via email: the process must be carried out by a specialised and government-certified company which complies with strict European standards (eIDAS regulation).

Yousign is certified at the European levell, which means you can adopt Yousign’s solutions with complete confidence. Perfectly adapted to accompany you in the implementation of the signature, our solutions will help simplify your subscription process and speed up the process of obtaining liability insurance signatures!

Depending on the specificities of your national legislation, the Yousign team will advise you on the most appropriate level of digital signature.

Provide your clients with the highest level of protection thanks to the electronic signature for liability insurance

Speeds up the signing of contracts

Speeds up the signing of contracts

Send online your insurance contracts to your clients and retrieve the signed documents from a single platform.

Improves customer relations

Improves customer relations

Offer your customers an innovative eSignature service that will save them unnecessary travel and postage costs.

Secures your subscription process

Secures your subscription process

Benefit from eSignatures with real legal value, in compliance with the European eIDAS regulation.


The digital signature of third-party insurance with Yousign

  • Real-time monitoring

    Keep an eye on current signature requests from your Yousign account

  • Secure document storage

    Encrypt and store your signed contracts on an eIDAS-certified and GDPR-compliant application

  • Remote electronic signature

    Receive, consult and sign your documents wherever you are, from your computer or mobile phone

  • Automatic reminders

    Automate and personalize your reminders after you have sent your documents to be signed

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