The electronic signature for
home insurance contracts

Home insurance is essential when moving into a new home, whether it has been rented or purchased outright. The digital signature helps insurers make contracts available to consumers.

Get your house insurance contracts signed digitally via Yousign’s electronic signature solutions

Electronic signature of the house insurance contract

Can a home insurance contract be signed electronically?

Moving in—as a homeowner or tenant—goes hand in hand with taking out comprehensive homeowners’ insurance. Often necessary to gain access to one's new home, insurers need to be responsive and offer their clients a solution enabling them to obtain homeowner’s insurance as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In this case, the electronic signature is for you! This digital process means you avoid wasting time in appointments by allowing your clients to sign their contract from the comfort of their own home.

By providing digital contracts, you can avoid sending paper documents to be signed and returned by your clients, by allowing them to provide an eSignature in a secure way.

Digital signatures make it possible to speed up the cancellation of an old contract and the subscription to the new one. Differentiate your company and bring in new customers quickly by allowing them to sign up as quickly as possible... before another company signs them.

Fast, simple and practical, this digital way of securing a contract meets the requirements of European regulations. Electronic signatures are a wise and safe choice, since digital signatures are monitored rigorously by the governing bodies which certify the companies offering this service.
Depending on your country's legislation, Yousign will help you find the most suitable electronic signature solution.

Improve your service with the electronic signature for house insurance

Simplify your subscription process

Simplify your subscription process

Minimise time spent on administrative tasks and reduce processing costs by digitising your underwriting system from end-to-end.

Facilitate move-in day

Facilitate move-in day

Enable homeowners and tenants to move into their new home as soon as possible with peace of mind.

Improve customer relations

Improve customer relations

Provide your customers with the best possible serviceby allowing them to consult and sign their insurance contracts online.


The digital signature of home insurance contracts with Yousign

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    Receive, consult and sign your documents wherever you are, from your computer or mobile phone

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    Easily integrate signature solutions into your internal tools and automate your processes

  • Advanced text fields

    Personalize your signatures by adding mentions, dates and contractual information

  • Accessible on all devices

    Access the Yousign application from any device: computer, tablet or mobile phone

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