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How to sign your Word docs online

Fill in and sign your word documents online with Yousign: the easy-to-use, legally binding eSignature solution for all your word documents.

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Sign all your Word documents electronically

Word: the standard in docs

Microsoft Word remains to this day the default tool for companies to create and share documents. Millions of companies use Microsoft Word each day to run their business.

Signing Word documents

The old way of signing a Word doc was to share it by email, print it, sign it, scan it, and send it back. A cumbersome process that is error-prone and slows down your closing cycle.

Electronic signature for Word docs

To sign your documents electronically, simply upload them into a certified eSignature app, select signing parties, hit send and collect signatures on your word docs.

Electronic signature Word document
SMS identification

Approve contracts online

Your Word documents are sealed to preserve the content throughout the signature process and signing parties can access, approve, and sign documents online from any device.

Strengthened authentication

Signatures collected via eSignature apps are legal and secure. Each party will be asked to confirm their identity via a private code sent via SMS in order to sign.

Legally binding

All signatures collected via Yousign are compliant with EU norms and automatically generate a time stamped proof-file to safeguard your agreements.

Easily collect signatures online

Sign your Word documents with Yousign

Easy to use, legally binding: Yousign works for all your documents and all your file types. Contracts, service agreements, proposals can be signed remotely or in person via our app.

  • Give signing parties the option to sign from any device

  • Track progress of outgoing documents in real-time

  • Quit the paper habit

Word digital signature process

Electronically sign all the documents that drive your business

Sign your proposals using the file types you already use to edit them.

  • Save as PDF

    Save your Word documents as a PDF.

  • Upload in Yousign

    Drag and drop your docs in Yousign’s interface.

  • Sign online

    Send out the document to all signing parties in one click.

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