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- 60% of consumers are interested in companies that are committed to improving the environment
- 50% of consumers are willing to boycott companies with a high carbon footprint

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  • Remote work

    When possible, allowing your employees to work from home can significantly reduce your carbon impact. Working from home one day a week can reduce the overall volume of travel by 69% and the daily travel distance by 39%, according to the Ademe.

    At Yousign, we have opted for a hybrid system, people can, as they wish, work at home or in one of our offices which is now more of a meeting place.

  • Recycle waste

    You can't completely eliminate paper from your daily activities? Then you should think about recycling.
    Provide your employees with sorting garbage containers and don't hesitate to make sure they know how imporant recycling is.

    At Yousign, paper is no longer an option, we digitize everything that could be digitized. For everything else, we have sorting garbage container in our offices and even a composter!

  • Travel less or better

    Digitization and tools such as the e-signature greatly reduce the need for business travel.
    Another good practice is to favor public transportation whenever possible (except for planes, obviously).

    At Yousign, since the beginning, we have always tried to use public transport and especially trains for our business trips. And, obviously, no need to travel to signing a contract.

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