The electronic signature of the commercial lease agreement

If you’re an estate agent specialising in tertiary real estate, you know that your clients are under pressure until the commercial lease has been properly signed. Logic: business is business! That means you need to act quickly and efficiently. Your best weapon to meet the challenge: the electronic signature.

Sign your commercial lease agreements online with Yousign's electronic signature solutions

Electronic signature of the commecial lease agreement

Why should I sign my commercial lease with an electronic signature?

Since commercial leases are less regulated than residential leases, and therefore more subject to discussion between the parties, their implementation is often longer. All the more reason to speed up the conclusion of the contract that follows, so no more time is lost in making the agreement a reality.

Setting up an electronic signature process for commercial leases allows you to save time for both your company and clients. The landlord minimises the risk of having empty premises, the tenant can move in more quickly and the estate agents obtain commission more quickly.

The electronic signature is today a real added value for real estate professionals who want to stand out from their competitors in terms of time and ease of the operation of signing a commercial lease.

For business managers with a busy schedule, the possibility of signing electronically, from home, is a welcome convenience!

An informed choice, but also an assured one, since the electronic signature is an operation controlled by companies approved by public bodies and certified at the European level, under the condition that the European regulation governing this operation—eIDAS—is respected. Some European countries may issue certain restrictions or require a particular level of electronic signature. Yousign's teams will advise you in the choice of the most suitable tool.

Develop your business with the e-signature of the commercial lease

Improves your customer relations

Improves your customer relations

Let your tenants and owners benefit from a simplified and secure management process, adapted to their organisational obligations.

Motivate your team

Motivate your team

Reduce the time your agents spend on low value-added tasks and allow them to focus on finding new tenants and management agreements.

Increase your ROI

Increase your ROI

Say goodbye to printing, postage, archiving; save time and efficiency and reduce the cost of signing a commercial lease.


Electronic signatures for the commercial lease with Yousign

  • Legal signatures in Europe

    Benefit from certified electronic signature solutions that are legally valid throughout the European Union

  • Remote electronic signature

    Receive, consult and sign your documents wherever you are, from your computer or mobile phone

  • Dynamic fields

    Allow signatories to complete documents before signing, directly from the application

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