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Published on Jul 6, 2022

Yousign’s new automation solution is coming soon!

Marion Ravut

Marion Ravut

Product Marketing Manager @Yousign

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A month ago, we announced the acquisition of Canyon, a company that automates the process of preparing and validating documents before they are signed.

Meanwhile, our team has been working relentlessly to integrate Canyon’s technology into Yousign’s application.

And today we’re happy to confirm that our customers will be able to benefit from our new automation solution from the second half of 2022! 🎉

Do you spend too much time preparing contracts?

Are you a salesperson? A legal counsel? Or an HR manager?

Then you're spending countless hours each year, like in many companies, preparing and validating contracts before they are signed:

  • Collecting data for contracts
  • Copy-pasting data into the contracts

Many of you have shared with us the need for a solution that would help make up for this lost time.

Save hours each week by automating contracts

We have designed a solution that will allow you to automate your contracts, from creation to signature. It works with 3 simple steps.

1️⃣ Step 1

Aperson fills out an online form. This could be a customer, a future employee or a counterpart in a contract. The data from the form is injected into a newly created contract

Doc automation step 1

2️⃣ Step 2

A person from your company receives a notification to review the contract. This could be a member of your sales team, a legal counsel or an HR officer. Signature fields are automatically added. After validation, the contract is sent for signature.

Doc automation step 2

3️⃣ Step 3

You can follow each step in real time, until it’s completed.

Doc automation step 3

With our solution, we hope you:

  • Stop wasting time collecting data from internal or external stakeholders
  • Forget about endless copy-pasting data in documents
  • Speed up your electronic signatures

Join the adventure

Our team is working hard so that you can benefit from our solution as from the second half of 2022. If you’d like to be kept informed about the progress and get a sneak preview of the solution, join our waiting list.

Don't hesitate to share the news if you think our solution can benefit other people. This will help us greatly! 🙏

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