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Published on Jul 6, 2022

Introducing our new signature application to help SMBs go digital with ease

Marion Ravut

Marion Ravut

Product Marketing Manager @Yousign

Illustration: Mélusine Vilars


We are proud to announce the launch of our new eSignature application: an all-in-one platform to send, sign, track and store documents and offer the best signature experience to teams and customers!

Very practical! A real time-saver on a daily basis.

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A new application designed for SMBs

How we work has changed. SMBs have accelerated their digital transformation to adapt and continue their business. Our survey carried out with YouGov shows that the majority of decision-makers in SMBs declare that dematerialisation is a major issue for their company. Almost one in two decision-makers is carrying out, has carried out or is planning to carry out a digitisation project.

The electronic signature, as the tool most used by SMB decision-makers, ahead of CRM and ERP, has become a key element in managing and growing a company, as well as in the customer experience. However, the lack of SMB-friendly solutions on the market is a challenge.

We have been aware for a long time that the self-employed and SMBs have very few tools on the market that are really adapted to their needs, which are very different from one business to another. Without the right tools, how do we expect them to see the benefits?

Luc Pallavidino, CEO of Yousign

In this particular context, we have revamped our electronic signature application down to the last detail - simplified, improved and even more secure - to enable them to conduct their business in the most efficient way.

Digitising effortlessly

The new Yousign eSignature application has been developed with SMBs in mind: a simple, modern design coupled with ultra-intuitive use, for teams to get started and send their first signature requests in minutes.

No installation is required, the application is immediately accessible: account creation is just a few clicks away. A rich online support guides users step by step through the application and the creation of their electronic signatures.

75% of signature invitations created and sent in less than 5 minutes with Yousign

Users can choose from 4 available plans - One, Plus, Pro, Scale - flexible solutions adapted to each need, with the appropriate features. They can change their subscription at any time, to match the evolution of their needs!

Supporting productivity & growth

This new application is designed to be fast, efficient and save time for teams, allowing them to focus on their activity.

70% of documents sent with Yousign are signed within the hour.

The various features available allow to automate signatures and to facilitate the closing: request templates, real-time follow-up, automatic reminders, expiration dates... And much more.

Delivering the best experience

With digitisation, the ambition of SMBs is to provide the best services to their customers. Signing a document - employment contracts, rental agreements, quotes, NDAs... - must be smoothly integrated into the customer experience and enhance the brand that offers it.

Users of the Yousign application can customise the signing experience for each signer: logo, language, messages. Signers click, view and swipe, it's signed!

Innovative, simple, fluid: Yousign's mission is to connect SMBs with their customers to offer them the best signing experience.

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