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Updated on Sept 16, 2022

Published on Jul 6, 2022

With the acquisition of Canyon,
Yousign goes beyond the eSignature 🖊⚡

Alban Sayag

Alban Sayag

COO @Yousign

Illustration: Studio design


Becoming the leader in eSignature in Europe cannot be improvised!

We are therefore proud to announce that we have acquired Canyon, an eFounders gem with expertise in contract management, which will enable us to offer our custome a new dimension in their contractual processes.

This is a renewal for all our teams as well as for our customers. 💪

What is our objective

We are keen to address a variety of use cases that go beyond electronic signatures and relate to the document automation and management.

It is makes sense for us to extend our offer in order to cover the entirety of the administrative process: from the creation stage, to the storage stage without forgetting the negotiating stage.

Of course, it is crucial for us to keep our solutions simple and accessible. This has been over the years an integral part of our DNA.

Who is Canyon?

Founded in 2020 by Adrien van den Branden and Thomas Vanderstraeten, Canyon got its start at the Belgian startup studio eFounders.

Yousign wants to establish its position as leader in the European electronic signature market. [...] Our ambition is to cover the entire value chain that enables a company to conclude an agreement. Further acquisitions are expected to support this goal in the near future.

Alban Sayag, COO and Head of Mergers and Acquisitions at Yousign

Canyon is a powerful document management and workflow software whose core business is the automation of document preparation and approval processes.

We are delighted to join the Yousign team and look forward to helping their 8,000 customers further optimise their document processes.

Adrien van den Branden, Canyon CEO

What are the main benefits?

  • Canyon helps to speed up legal and administrative processes,
  • The software is "no-code", intuitive and very easy to set up and use without technical skills (by which we mean, without knowing how to handle computer coding 👌).

The expertise developed by Canyon will therefore intervene before the electronic signature in the contractual process, during the preparation and validation of these documents.

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