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Updated on Apr 19, 2024

Published on Jul 6, 2022

Integration of electronic signature with CRM (customer relationship management) software

Integration of electronic signature with CRM
Pauline Dubois

Pauline Dubois

Content manager @Yousign

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Why companies should use electronic signature software in addition to their CRM system For a company to grow, increase sales and build brand awareness, it needs a sales department. Distribution, and therefore sales, is the interface between the customer and the company. Improving distribution means collecting and analysing data.

Today, most companies already use customer relationship management (CRM) software in their sales operations. All relevant data is stored in the software, which makes it possible, for example, to trace a lead, find out whether a sale has already been made, what has been sold and how much. The main advantage of CRM software is that the data is accessible to all employees. It allows the efficiency of the sales department to be optimised. A CRM tool has a dual purpose: to easily trace the customer journey and to better understand the customer. The data collected is used by marketing to generate better traffic. CRM software also helps to improve the marketing retention rate. Through specific marketing and personalisation measures, the relationship with the most profitable customers can be improved and nurtured to achieve longer-term customer loyalty within the company.

When your company knows its customers better and the sales department is able to better adapt to the different prospects, it becomes possible to anticipate the needs of the customers even earlier and to offer them a better service. The customer feels understood. The use of CRM software not only makes sense in terms of improving customer relations, it also considerably reduces the burden of internal administrative tasks. No more mountains of paper: sensitive customer data is now stored on secure servers. This makes communication much easier, more efficient and more accurate.

Electronic signature software and CRM software, the ideal combination

While many companies use CRM software, far fewer use electronic signature software. Electronic signatures allow companies to get important documents, such as sales contracts, signed more easily, quickly and securely. Signatories do not need to be physically present, and the tedious, insecure and inefficient nature of sending them by post or e-mail is also avoided. In addition, signatories are subject to an authentication procedure to confirm their identity. Unlike a paper contract, which can still be changed at will after signing, this is no longer possible with a digitally signed document because of the electronic seal. What are the advantages of integrating electronic signature software into CRM via Yousign?

  1. No need to send quotes by e-mail
  2. No need to print and scan
  3. The customer can choose the most suitable quotation from among 3, for example, and sign it directly
  4. The company has the signed contract at its disposal immediately
  5. The entire sales cycle is shortened

Linking Yousign to Salesforce or Hubspot, for example, has additional benefits that ease the daily workload of your salespeople

  1. Automatic reminders avoid the need for manual reminders
  2. A dedicated function allows your quotes to expire when their validity period has passed
  3. RFPs, partnership agreements, framework agreements, service descriptions, NDAs (confidentiality agreements), etc. can be saved as templates, ensuring that the latest version is always sent and eliminating time-consuming hard-drive searches

Digital signature software for more efficient sales

Replacing handwritten notes and printed documents to store customer data with a CRM system contributes enormously to the efficiency of a company's sales department. However, the final stage of distribution, the actual sale, needs to be dematerialised just as effectively as the rest of the process. With digital signature software, contracts and offers of any kind can be processed in the shortest possible time. While many people might consider an electronic signature to be less secure than a pen signature, these fears are completely unfounded. Documents are stored in the cloud and can only be accessed once the person has confirmed their identity.

There is no need to worry about their probative value in court either. For each signature, Yousign creates an associated and unique verification file that keeps track of the entire verification process, as well as the signature and other key data. This makes it easy to prove in court that a person signed such and such a document with such and such a name, IP address, email and phone number.

Yousign already provides standard connectors for the most common CRMs (Salesforce and Hubspot), allowing systems to be connected easily without developer intervention and to exchange data in real time. For all other CRM systems, Yousign offers a REST API that allows any CRM to be connected with Yousign's digital signature solution.

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