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Updated on Apr 18, 2024

Published on Jul 6, 2022

DNVB: a customer-centric strategy

DNVB fast growing companies
Pauline Dubois

Pauline Dubois

Content manager @Yousign

Illustration: Théo Mailharraincin


You’re going to say: “DNVB, another new acronym?!”
And I’ll tell you that this one has a bright future ahead of it... 🚀

What exactly are DNVBs?

☝️This stands for Digital(ly) Native Vertical Brands. In other words, they are digital brands born, interacting, and transacting primarily on the internet

In France, they’re found mainly in e-commerce. Their watchword? Innovation and an unflinching desire to enhance the customer experience.

Trivia time: the term DNVB was popularised by Andy Dunn, founder of the men’s clothing brand Bonobos.

With Yousign offering its solution to fast-growing companies, it was high time for us to dedicate an article to DNVBs!

eSignature is a new opportunity for digital brands to develop on a large scale and continue their hypergrowth while building a better customer experience.

DNVB: 100% Web

Back in the day, Beau Flash sang “Le rock dans la peau”. 🎶
We’ve put our own twist on this great figure of speech.

Digital native brands are companies or start-ups with high growth potential working only with the tools and channels of the Web!

In some cases, after they’ve gained stability online, physical stores (pop-ups or flagships) are opened to support a 100%-digital strategy.

DNVBs have fully embraced the digital transformation of the retail sector, heavily influenced by the digitalisation of points of sale and the e-commerce boom.

➡ 2020 was a pivotal year in terms of changing customer habits and expectations.

In its 2021 overview of French DNVBs , DNVB consulting firm Digital Native Group identifies no fewer than 447 brands distributed mainly across ultra-specialised segments.

The growing ecosystem has seen a significant increase compared with 2020 (344 brands identified) despite the health crisis!

A few words on their innovative business model : DNVBs operate without middlemen. 

The direct-to-supplier and direct-to-consumer models allow companies to::

  • ensure quality and traceability while maintaining good value for money. Eliminating the middleman means a fairer, more transparent pricing strategy (referred to as “smart cost”),
  • control the entire value chain: buying raw materials and designing, manufacturing, marketing, and distributing finished products.

A customer-centric experience at DNVBs

Une expérience client au coeur de la stratégie

The customer experience consists of all the emotions associated with interactions with the brand . It is more generally referred to as the customer journey.

It is essential for any business in order to:

  • stand out in hyper-competitive, connected markets,
  • retain customers,
  • eliminate any sticking points with the brand,
  • improve the brand image.

CSome companies such as DNVBs choose a 100% customer-centric approach based on a strong understanding of their customers.

The 2020 middle-market digital barometer by EY (Ernst & Young Global Limited) tells us that:

79% of middle-market companies have implemented customer-centric approaches to design their solutions and products!”

For digital native brands, customers are mostly millennials looking for the trifecta: ethics, authenticity, and transparency.

eSignature for a better customer experience

DNVBs are committed to agility and growth: digitising contract-signing processes is essential to move forward with confidence.

That's why Yousign aims to meet the needs of digital brands by boosting their development.

➡ We have the highest levels of European certification and offer a secure eSignature solution with true legal value.

Quote Marie

There are many advantages of eSignature whether for B2B or B2C sales:  

  • simplify workflows,
  • secure transactions, 
  • modernise the customer experience

Into the bargain: a buying process boosted by eSignature means a better conversion rate and a lower cart abandonment rate.

📎 Read more in our article: Why go paperless with your documents?

Let’s summarise the documents involved at DNVBs:

📌in B2C: warranty extensions and subscriptions to online services (such as gym memberships or phone services),
📌in B2B: sales contracts and contracts with suppliers of raw materials

Key points

DNVBs are shaking up traditional brands and often serve as examples for others in a given market for their agility and innovative spirit.

They offer exceptional customer service, which can clearly be enhanced by the ease of use and security of processes offered by eSignature.

These retailers have placed their trust in us: :
Comerso ⚡ Grandshooting  ⚡ Singlespot ⚡ Yper ⚡  Fittingbox

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