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Sign your documents with Yousign Sign your documents with Yousign Sign your documents with Yousign

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Validate, sign and store all your documents online and deliver the best signing experience to your teams, partners and customers.

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    Save time on every signature

    Automate your signature processing with an easy-to-use application and/or an API adapted to your needs.

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    Secure the confidentiality of your data and the validity of your signatures

    Our solutions are eIDAS compliant, reliable and secure.

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    Connect your teams for better collaboration

    Lead your projects to success, face to face or remotely.

Save time on every signature
Improve customer satisfaction
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    Improve customer satisfaction

    Provide a smooth, simple and qualitative signing experience to all your users

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    Take efficiency to the next level

    Manage all your signatures from a single point by integrating them directly into your tools

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    Accelerate your growth

    Multiply the number of business opportunities managed by your teams with complete serenity, and strengthen your customers' commitment to your solutions.

Commit with confidence

Security is our #1 priority.
Ensure secure, legally binding and eIDAS-compliant agreements across the EU.

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Flexible eSignature solutions for your business

  • clic

    An easy-to-use
    SaaS application

    Sign all your documents in just a few clicks and bring your team to work better together.

    From €9 per user/month

  • lego

    A simple, flexible
    and powerful API

    Build the best experience integrating a complete eSignature suite to your tools or ship it in your app.

    From €75 per month

Sign all your documents
with the appropriate signature level

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  • Simple



    OTP Authentication (optional)

    Online signatures for your daily work

  • Advanced



    Instant ID Verification

    Secure signatures for your sensitive documents

  • Qualified



    Video ID verification

    The legal equivalent of a handwritten signature

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