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Power your solution with our seamless eSignature API and unlock added value for your customers, boost revenue, and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Flexible Pricing

  • 100% Legal

  • SLA 99.9% uptime

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+300 software vendors sell eSignature with Yousign

Unlock your Solution's Potential
with our eSignature & eSeal offers

Take advantage of new opportunities by enhancing your software offering with comprehensive eSignature capabilities. Whether you're providing ERP, CRM, HRIS, CMS, or EDM software, the Yousign API adapts to all types of business workflows.

  • New sources of revenue

    Expand your product portfolio to capture new business opportunities while helping your customers to be more productive and achieve their goals faster.

  • Seamless experience

    Power your customers with the simplest eSignature solution in the market ensuring a frictionless and intuitive experience for you and your customers in no time!

  • Competitive advantage

    Enhance your software offering by integrating our robust eSignature solution, bolstering customer retention and sharpening your competitive edge through the enriched value proposition of your product.

Benefit from Unmatched Value and Expertise

Our commitment goes beyond providing you with our powerful eSignature solution: we are dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience and providing unparalleled support to ensure your success.

  • Flexible pricing

    Get the most flexible and scalable pricing to help you drive profit faster.

  • Partner Success Program

    Benefit from 360° support: from technical assistance to marketing and sales resources.

  • 99.9% SLA uptime

    Recognized as a Trusted Service Provider (TSP), Yousign provides a secure and robust European solution, eIDAS compliant 🇪🇺.

  • Integration < than 2 weeks

    Our detailed documentation and premium support make it fast and easy to integrate our developer-friendly API into your product.

Whatever you need,

access our customizable eSignature & eSeal solutions that match your unique brand identity.

  • Simple eSeal

  • Advanced eSeal

  • Qualified eSeal

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Tailor eSignature to your business needs

Each one of our partners has unique requirements and business models, which is why we strive to offer flexibility and customization to cater to your specific needs.

Yousign is here to help you every step of the way:

#1 Access Yousign eSignature solution at a flexible price to help you grow your business

#2 Enjoy a fast and easy integration with detailed documentation and a dedicated support team

#3 Take full autonomy in managing and selling the eSignature to your customers

Unlock new revenue and improve customer retention by offering them a secure, complete, and intuitive eSignature experience.

A Business Model for your Specific Needs

If you have specific requirements or needs, we're ready to work with you to create a model that aligns perfectly with your objectives. Our dedicated team will collaborate with you to develop a tailored partnership approach.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the benefits of becoming a Yousign ISV partner?

    By becoming a Yousign ISV partner, you can offer value-added services to your clients, generate new revenue streams, increase your profit margins, retain clients on your platform, attract new clients, and reduce customer churn.

  • Why should I integrate eSignature into my software?

    Integrating eSignature into your software allows you to enhance the market value of your product and expand your product portfolio by offering Yousign's eSignature to your clients, seizing new business opportunities. It provides a simple, seamless eSignature experience while complying with relevant regulations.

  • Can I resell eSignature at the price I want?

    Yes, you have complete autonomy in managing and selling the signatures. You can resell them at a higher, lower, or the same price as Yousign's public rates.

  • Is the solution easy to integrate?

    Yes, we offer one of the smoothest and easiest integrations in the market. You can refer to our documentation and create a free Sandbox environment for testing purposes for 40 days.

  • Who will be my contacts at Yousign?

    At Yousign, you will have well-identified contacts, including a sales partner, a pre-sales engineer, a Customer Success Manager (CSM), and a technical support team who will assist you with various aspects of the partnership.

  • Is there a limit to the number of clients I can resell to?

    No, there are no limitations on the number of clients you can resell to. You can sell signatures to as many clients as you wish, maximizing your sales potential.

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