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Updated on May 16, 2024

Published on Jul 6, 2022

Digital recruitment: manage your talent efficiently [useful tools].

digital recruitment
Pauline Dubois

Pauline Dubois

Content manager @Yousign

Illustration: Léa Coiffey


🙋‍♀️ Want to attract new talent and boost your recruitment processes?

You're in the right zone !

The boundaries of time and space have been swept away by a pandemic wind over the past year. More than ever, the recruitment industry has embraced digitalization to continue to shine from a distance.

Whether you are part of the HR department, a Talent Acquisition Manager or Head of People in a company, or whether you belong to a recruitment intermediary (firm, temp agency), you are on the front line.

The Yousign team has put together an article that will make "harder better faster" your mantra throughout the new year!

Step 1- Searching for new gems 🔎

Step 2- Choosing applicants 🗣👤

Step 3- Integrating newcomers 🤝

Talent searching in a digital world

Talent searching is an important growth lever for any organisation.

It is all about identifying the needs you have internally and establishing a typical profile of a candidate who can fill them. You plant the first seed: the job offer! Then comes the actual search, and this is where digital makes your life easier.

Real world
👉 a temporary employment agency must mobilise a large number of candidates at the same time to meet the more or less urgent needs of its clients,

👉 On the other hand, a company's human resources department may decide to spread its recruitment process over several months if it is looking for a specific profile, for example a highly qualified profile.

👀 For some time now, the HR sector has been taking a strategic turn in certain types of organisations such as fast-growing companies (start-ups for example).

Sourcing works alongside research (based on a response to an identified need) to create a pool of potential talent in a given market. Let's continue our plant analogy: these are all the little seeds you scatter around your garden.

What tool is available to you?

According to a recent infographic from the Digital School of Paris on digital recruitment:

Nearly 64% of French recruiters already use an ATS or plan to use one in the near future.

What is an ATS? Applicant Tracking System. Roughly speaking, a sort of CRM for recruiters that helps them sort, filter and organise their campaigns.

You will gain in productivity and speed thanks to :

  • workflow automation,
  • intelligent management of application flows,
  • a clear tracking of your recruitment campaigns

Greenhouse offers a powerful ATS to optimise your process.

Choosing applicants 2.0

Choosing applicants is definitely an important step, but the pandemic has completely changed the dynamic. It is high time for this step to reinvente itself and to adapt to digital modes. Indeed, you have to do all (or most) of your interviews online, possibly followed by tests..

Your main objective: to ensure that this stage remains an optimal showcase for your employer brand.

Let's summarise:

😀 You thought "great" because with digital you can reach out geographically and no longer miss out on remote talent.

🤦 But you have been struggling with the practicalities of how to keep the candidate experience top-notch while maintaining the highest quality of exchange.

According to L'Ecole du recrutement, "44% of candidates were subjected to tests" between 2019 and 2020, mostly situation and personality tests.

What tools are available to you?

Video conferencing software or platforms are the key to an efficient and transparent exchange with your talents.

Note that most of them offer the possibility of blurring the background: a very practical concept, especially since the democratisation of remote working!

And to test your talents, there is a whole range of tools adapted to different types of profiles, from the classic to the most techy ⬇

Jitsi allows you to meet your candidates virtually with HD audio and video quality

Try CodinGame to test your future developers during recruitment.

COVID-proof onboarding

The recruitment process ends with the integration of the new employee 🧑‍🚀 which is a highly strategic moment for your brand.

Remember that first impressions have a decisive impact on your future relationship with your new employee and by snowball effect on your talent retention strategy!

So make sure you build an onboarding plan that is just right: show the candidate that he or she has stumbled upon an agile company where "life is good".

Prepare a welcome kit with useful documentation and goodies for example.

While this is the time to provide all the necessary resources to take up the post, it is also the time for administrative paperwork and clarification of the employee's status.

A new internal process is then set in motion with its flood of documents to be signed, which can tarnish a good start to a job. Indeed, many companies still use handwritten signatures, which often lead to complicated and time-consuming processes!

Here are the documents you need to have signed:

  • the work contract 🌟
  • the employee handbook,
  • Insurance papers,
  • a confidentiality clause,
  • timesheets,
  • authorisations,
  • or a charter on the right to disconnect !

Our tool at your disposal

Yousign comes to the rescue to streamline all this. You will be able to sign (or have signed) all HR documents electronically, and therefore remotely, in a legal and secure manner

You also help to drastically reduce the margin of error associated with handwritten signatures and the numerous trips from one department to another.

Moreover,Going paperless is a good way to reduce your costs and become a little more environmentally responsible 🌱


Use this distance imposed by the health crisis as an opportunity to question, renew and expand your recruitment process.

Let's go for a 100% digital recruitment! 💪

Have a look at the Human Resources page of our website for more details ⬇

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