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Published on Feb 16, 2023

HR case study: Alfonsino Scales recruitment to New Heights with 700 Hires in 6 months via Yousign's API

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Nam Chau

Nam Chau

Marketing manager Italy

Illustration: Gawon Lee


Alfonsino S.p.A., founded in 2016 as a startup, provides delivery services to medium and small cities using its app. The company delivers products from various businesses, including supermarkets, restaurants, florists, wine shops, and affiliated pharmacies.

The company has 100 direct employees and employs over 900 riders.

In November 2021, just five years after its establishment, Alfonsino listed on the Italian stock market under the EGM segment, aiming to strengthen its presence in existing coverage areas and expand services by offering a wider range of products. Currently, Alfonsino's services are available in approximately 400 municipalities across 11 Italian regions.

The company's main differentiator is its focus on both riders and customers, reflected in its thorough onboarding process.

According to co-founder Pascarella “Alfonsino is a sustainable food delivery reality that supports restaurant owners, one of the most affected categories during the current situation, by providing new, easy-to-implement tools to make up for the loss of customers.”

Covid hit and manual hiring was no longer manageable

"It's challenging to see the inefficiency of a process when you've grown accustomed to it."

This was probably the company's feeling after switching to a digitalized hiring process. In reality, the manual hiring process was challenging even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Hiring managers Mario Bracco and Davide Barbiero recall the time-consuming task of organizing in-person appointments at the Alfonsino headquarters and the wait time for prospective employees to sign their contracts. Each contract was at least ten pages long, adding to the already overwhelming pile of paperwork.

Every time, they had to send emails to each candidate requesting documents and personal details, send reminders, and make follow-up calls personally. It was an overwhelmingly time-consuming process.

To make matters worse, the pandemic hit, making in-person appointments and signings impossible.

With the dramatic increase in demand for delivery services during quarantine, they were forced to rethink their entire hiring process and switch to a digital experience.

Moving Beyond Traditional Hiring

At the start, they didn't know what to look for, and they weren't even sure if remote signings were legally possible.

They searched for many e-signature providers, but a provider called Yousign with a simple and straightforward application stood out.

The hiring manager was reviewing their online materials and decided to reach out and schedule a demo.

Finding a European solution was crucial for Alfonsino, who was searching for an electronic signature service that was compliant with the GDPR and eIDAS regulation. The company was seeking a smart, responsive, user-friendly, and, above all, eco-sustainable product.

They contacted Yousign to inquire about implementing a solution for signing temporary employment contracts quickly, and they soon realized that they could use the platform for many other documents, such as privacy policies, job offers, and so on.

Initially, they made the decision to use the Yousign web app, which enabled them to easily create a fully digitized path for the first time. It took them just minutes to set up their first procedures, and they were pleasantly surprised by the solution's simplicity.

After using the web application for a few months, they decided to take the next step and automate their entire hiring process by integrating the Yousign API into their CRM.

The integration allowed them to collect data on potential hires and input it directly into their hiring software, which then automatically generated a job contract and sent it to the new rider for signature.

They reached out to our technical team, and we scheduled a few meetings to complete the implementation. We provided a 40-day free sandbox and all the necessary support.

The company's technical team was impressed by the clear API documentation and ease of integration. And the project manager? They appreciated the responsiveness of our support team and felt confident throughout the process.

With just a few clicks, the software now automatically creates a job contract and sends it to the new rider via email. The signer can review the contract, verify that everything is in order, and sign it remotely at any time.

The hiring process is now not only streamlined, but it's also scalable for future growth.

Receive a signed contract within an hour, not days

The company's decision to integrate electronic signatures into their hiring process has revolutionized the way they onboard new employees.

Gone are the days of waiting for contracts to be signed in person or through the mail, now new hires can receive and sign their proposals within minutes, without having to step foot in the office. Hiring practices can now be completed in hours instead of days.

This streamlining of the process not only saves HR departments time but also allows them to redirect their focus to other important tasks.

The elimination of manual paperwork and printing is not only time-efficient but also environmentally friendly. This reduction in paper usage helps to decrease the company's carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.

The use of e-signatures also provides peace of mind for both the company and the new hire.
The digital signatures ensure that the contract is legally binding and all parties have a secure, tamper-proof record of the agreement. This eliminates any concerns over lost or damaged contracts and provides a reliable solution for onboarding new employees.

In conclusion, the company's integration of electronic signatures into their hiring process has not only made the process faster but also more secure, convenient and eco-friendly.

The HR manager, Davide Barbiero, couldn't be happier with the results, stating, 

"Yousign has given us the opportunity to sign the largest number of contracts in the shortest possible time, save costs, and continue to have an eco-sustainable approach."

Achieving Scaling Goals with E-Signatures

The results of Alfonsino's integration with Yousign API speak for themselves. 

They overcame the challenge of scaling their hiring process and within just six months, they were able to increase their hires from 200 in the past four years to 700 and open 13 new locations in six months.

Thanks to a highly automated process even with minimal recruitment personnel, they were able to expand significantly in hiring.

Other than Alfonsino, we have assisted many of our clients in integrating e-signatures directly into their hiring software, such as HRIS, HCM, or ATS.

Some of our clients have even asked us to provide an ID verification process as well, and thanks to our advanced signature technology, we are able to integrate ID upload and verification.

Many have implemented our API into their sales and internal departments to increase their closing rate and speed up their internal processes.

We firmly believe that improving efficiency and workflow is a duty in every company, regardless of industry.

If you are interested in improving your process, we would be more than happy to assist.

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