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Published on Mar 3, 2023

Interested in Yousign API ? Here are 6 things you can expect from it

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Thomas Choukroun

Thomas Choukroun

Content Manager @Yousign


As technology continues to shape the way we do business, electronic signatures have become an essential tool for streamlining processes and saving time.  Yousign’s API for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) is a powerful solution that offers a range of benefits to our partners who want to integrate electronic signature functionality into their solutions. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the expected results of using the Yousign API for ISVs.

API, you said?

Before delving into our core subject, we thought it might be helpful for you to get a refresher on what an API actually is. Basically, it is a means for two programmes to communicate together.  

A business would need an API for three main purposes: 

  • to automate internal processes in order to facilitate and streamline them
  • to bring more value to the end-users: a company would integrate an e-signature API to bring the electronic signature within a dedicated software, to facilitate the e-signature process and make it less cumbersome.  
  • to seamlessly integrate the e-signature in a product that will be sold to your clients. 

The latter use case is definitely the one that most pertains to the ISVs.

What can ISVs expect from Yousign API ?

Well, there are layers of benefits that our API can bring to ISVs, and the breakdown can be somewhat complex. 

The merits of e-signature have long been described by numerous studies and polls conducted in B2B marketing, sometimes overshadowing the merits of an e-signature API.  Yet, you can expect great things from Yousign’s API:

Increase your revenue 🤑

By implementing Yousign’s API in your tools, you inevitably create more value for your customers. In turn, this new added-value will turn into more revenue for you. Some of our partners were able to generate additional revenue with great gross margins, while others were able to catch up with the competition and increase their market share.

Yousign’s API brings more value to our customers and to our customers’ customers. All we want to do is to streamline our clients’ processes, make them almost frictionless, for them to save time, effort and money

Nicolas Michel, Axonaut’s CTO and co-founder

The best e-signature experience, implemented in a jiffy🚀

The main purpose of our API is for your end-users to have the best e-signature experience. However, in order to get to that point, developers more often than not have to spend days and weeks implementing the API. Our API is based on one key concept: simplicity through and through. That means, from its implementation, to its production. We vouch for Yousign’s API integration to be seamless, frictionless and easy as pie. How ? By providing your teams with thorough, complete and comprehensive documentation that will allow you to implement our API in a jiffy. The main benefit for you as an ISV is to reap the rewards faster, sooner and with minimum effort on your part. With Yousign’s API documentation, you’re more than welcome to judge a book by its cover !

In fact, Dougs, one of our client, has been using Yousign’s API for several years now, and can testify to how easy the API integration was:
“Yousign was a start-up with a really well-documented API which made the integration so easy and seamless. That’s what made us choose Yousign.  “ Before Yousign, it could take up to 15 days to receive a signature. Now, everything is done and dusted in 15 minutes. It’s a massive game changer” says Florent Galland, Dougs’co-founder and CTO.

Increased Security 🔒 enhanced simplicity

When it comes to e-signature, security is the name of the game. Yousign’s API is one of the most robust API on the market, and its security features are ones to brag about. First, did you know that those scanned signatures you proudly make on a tablet, or with your computer, are just worthless? You will have a great deal of pain trying to make that scanned signature count in front of a French court of law ! On the other hand, electronic signatures are secure, tamper-proof, and legally binding. These advantages make them a great choice for ISVs who need to ensure the integrity of their applications. Yousign’s API uses advanced encryption technology to protect sensitive data and keep it secure. However, security should not be done at the expense of simplicity. Yousign has put simplicity at the heart of its API, and Arnaud Schwartz, COO of Shine can confirm: 

“ The most important point for us is that thanks to Yousign’s API, we increased security while keeping simplicity at our core. This was crucial to us”.

“unbelievable” ROI 🤯

For any company, ROI is a key factor in determining the merits of third-party API. However, when thinking about ROI, we often fail to mention how much time is dedicated to administrative tasks: printing, scanning, signing, re-printing, re-scanning, etc. For Nicolas Michel from Axonaut, the ROI is just “unbelievable”.
At the end of the day, the cost is unbelievably low when compared to the amount of time Yousign’s API has saved us.”

Happy customers 🎉

What is at the center of ISVs’ attention is to bring more value to their own customers. Why? Because a happy customer is a staying customer ! Being able to integrate Yousign’s e-signature API will dramatically improve customer satisfaction, retention and long-term relationships. 
“Yousign’s API brings more value to our customers and to our customers’ customers. All we want to do is to streamline our clients’ processes, make them almost frictionless, for them to save time, effort and money”. Nicolas Michel, Axonaut’s CTO and co-founder.

Keeping with the times 🌎

Nowadays, doing your bit for the environment is definitely not an option. More and more companies are being frowned upon because they do not make enough effort to keep up with the times.  One of the core subjects in today’s world is a company’s carbon footprint. Paper does cost a lot, in money, time and CO2, and that’s not mentioning the delivery processes that come with paper processes.  Providing your customers with an e-signature API is also a means to have them contribute towards saving the planet and make their bit for the preservation of our world.

In a (very narrow) nutshell, this is what you can expect from Yousign’s API for ISVs. All in all, Yousign’s API is key to ensuring that ISVs increase their ROI and their overall revenue by giving their customers more value and more power. Yousign’s API can help ISVs do just that, and so much more. 

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