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Updated on Apr 19, 2024

Published on Jul 6, 2022

Five New Year’s resolutions:
Are you ready for 2022?

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Pauline Dubois

Pauline Dubois

Content manager @Yousign

Illustration: Antoine Visonneau


Dear small business owners and managers, the whole Yousign team wishes you a Happy New Year for 2022 🎊
We hope that you and yours are all in good health.

To help you kick-start the New Year with suitable gusto, we've written (or rather typed, naturally!) a list of some great ideas. 😉

Here then are some SaaS solutions that are worth looking at:


1️⃣ Centralise your spending and improve data security

💪 Which solution can help you?

Spendesk is a comprehensive spending management system intended to make accounting departments more productive and give them more time to focus on business growth.

What are the benefits to you?

✔ Streamlining of your financial processes

✔ Greater employee responsibility over their spending

✔ Real time traceability of expenditure

✔ Simplified circulation of documentary evidence of expenditure

✔ Automated year-end processing

✔ Integration between Spendesk and your accounting systems

2️⃣ Improve employee engagement

💪 Is there a solution within your grasp?


Swile is an innovative solution to digitalise the employee experience, placing team engagement and cohesion front and centre by offering both a Swile card and an innovative app.

What are the benefits to you? 

✔ Employee retention thanks to a memorable experience 

✔ Measurement of your employees’ satisfaction and engagement including by means of in-app survey options

3️⃣ Assess your environmental impact

💪 Which solution can help you?


Zei is a digital solution that helps you to target the main CSR issues within your organisation by first selecting indicators and then prioritising them. 
Zei also plays a role as a communication tool: the next move is sharing your “green commitments” with your various stakeholders. 

What are the benefits to you? 

✔ A simple and quick assessment of your environmental, social and governance impact in 3 minutes

✔ Creation and day-to-day management of your own action plans 

✔ Actively involving all your employees in your impact assessment process

✔ Communication about your commitments to your stakeholders

4️⃣ Make employee wellbeing the centre of your HR strategy

💪 Which solution can help you?


Fleex equips employees working entirely remotely or in a hybrid working pattern with a full stock of equipment (chairs, desks, lamps, even a coffee machine…).

The aim is to improve employee’s efficiency in their routine work by offering a working experience that pays due attention to their physical health.

The objectives

✔ A improved working experience and greater productivity for your employees
✔ Less time spent on staff management 

✔ Greater care taken of those working remotely
✔ Greater care taken of those working remotely

5️⃣ Opt for digitalisation of your processes

💪 Is there a solution within your grasp?


Whether you are just starting the process or are still thinking about it with your teams, the digitalisation of business documents is certainly a great opportunity to stack the deck in your favour at the beginning of the year.

What are the benefits to you? 


✔ On document printing 

(reams of paper and ink cartridges used every month to print documents, plus printer maintenance to avoid breakdowns, repairs, etc.)

✔ On posting and circulating documents 

✔ On archiving 

(work involved in storing, admin, sorting, upkeep, in one or more locations used to store hardcopy documents, and space for equipment and paper, which could prove cumbersome and costly).

The main thing to remember is that a regular pace is what counts, not the speed or size of the actions you take.
It is better to spend your time and money on two topics of particular interest and stick with them, rather than dissipate your efforts on many solutions without seeing any through to completion.😉

Has our list of (re)solutions given you any ideas of steps you could take? We would be interested in hearing you tell us about them.

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